Best Dog Nail Clippers And Trimmers – 7 Picks To Cut Your Pup’s Nails

As a dog owner, there are certain responsibilities that you cannot escape. Your canine friend needs constant grooming, and it is upon you to do it. Why would anyone do it for you anyway? One of the procedures you will always have to perform is nail clipping.

In as much as your dog might not like it, you have to do it either way. Nail clipping can seem difficult, and some people even hire professionals to do it for them. However, investing in the best dog nail clippers and taking extreme measure is something you can do yourself at home.

Top 7 Best Dog Nail Clippers On the Market

Best Nail Clipper For Dogs

In this article, we are going to indulge you in the best nail clippers the world. We will elaborate to you all you need to know as you choose a nail trimmer to give your dog sparkling new nails.

#1. Boshel® Dog Nail Clippers And Trimmers – Best Pet Nail Clipper

Best Dog Nail Clipper

If you have smaller dogs and are a DIY enthusiast, then the Boshel Nail Clippers should fit the bill for what you are looking for in professional groomer. You do not, therefore, have to book regular appointments at the groomer just for a dog nail trim.

Hence, these dog nail clippers have exemplary features that ensure you do not make painful mistakes. The handles are rubber covered to prevent slips; a safety guard limits the amount of cut each time (no need to worry about overcuts) and the cutting blade is made from stainless steel that stays sharp for a long time.

Also, the sharp blade enables you to make a quick and clean professional cut. As a bonus, you get a free nail file to create a smooth finish on the nails when you are done doing the clipping.

The ergonomically designed handles ensure that just the right amount of force is applied, and you have the clipper within your grasp at all times. Overall, these are the best nail grinders available on the market for achieving precise and effortless nail grooming.


  • High-quality cutting blade
  • Easy to use
  • It is safe to use, with a safety stop
  • A bonus file is provided for a smooth finish


  • The handle locks require manual opening
  • The clipper blade can sometimes not be sharp enough for some dog types

#2. Millers Forge Clippers With Sharp Stainless Steel Blades

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clippers For Large Dogs

The Millers Forge Nail Clipper is a heavy clipper meant for dogs nails that weigh over 40 pounds. It is made from high quality European stainless steel for a durable and sharp blade. The sharp blade makes the right nail clippers for trimming easy and quick.

Additionally, the stainless steel blade has a positive lock for improved safety. The blade space is large enough to fit even the thickest nails and nails of large breed dogs. The cutting mechanism is spring loaded to improve on its cutting actions.

For those who become anxious as they trim their dog’s nails, the cutting guard can be put into position, thereby preventing cases of overcutting the dog’s nails. For safety during storage, a safety lock is provided to keep it shut throughout.

This clipper is, however, best suited for those of you who are comfortable with nail trimming. The handles do not have any anti-slip mechanism, making it more suited to those with some experience. With these trimmers you wont accidentally hurt your dog if you try to cut their nail’s quick.

Plus, these nail grinders work well on thick nails, and you can tackle the jagged edges of smaller nails easily. It is a professional groomer that comes with a tension spring so that you can control the grinding speed according to your pet’s comfort level.


  • The locking mechanism gives extra secure storage
  • Long lasting construction
  • The sharp blades give a quick and clean cut
  • They are easy to use
  • Suitable for big dog nails


  • The handles feel cheap
  • No quick guard

#3. OmegaPet Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor

Omegapet Clippers

The OmegaPet Nail Clippers are meant to be used without being afraid of any accidental screw-ups. No matter the size of your pet’s nails, these clippers will do the job perfectly for you. The pressure of grooming your pooch is taken off you too.
When you are one of those who own both dogs and cats, then you need to buy a single clipper that can be used for both pets. The sharp cutting blade is made to last and provides a clean cut. This does not crush the nail as you cut through it.

If you want a small nail clippers or trimmer that is light, sturdy, has slip less and long handles, then you should consider this dog nail clipper. After a cut, the pet nail clipper edges tend to be rough, so a free file is provided to smoothen out the edges.

A nail guard (quick sensor) limits the amount of cut per clip. This enables you to monitor the distance to the quick part of the nail. You then stop clipping when it is close enough. The rigid and sturdy construction gives an assured cutting experience and healthy nails.

The rubber laden handle gives you a confident grip and a steady hand movement throughout. Durability is another feature of this clipper that makes it stand out. You do not have to buy a new one every six months.


  • Comfortable, slip-free grip
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Adjustable length of cut
  • Clips even the toughest of nails


  • The safety guard is reported to malfunctions at times
  • It is only availed in single sizes
  • The sturdy structure limits view for small nails
  • The lock stops functioning on some occasions

#4. Waggles Professional Dog Nail Trimmers

Waggles Professional Clippers

The Waggles Nail Trimmer is one designed not to compromise on the safety of your dog and its overall quality. This nail grinder gives you a good nail trimming experience, so you look forward to doing it yourself the next time.

Additionally, this clipper has the unique angled tip to give you a clear view of the nail as you clip. It is angled at 450 for efficient clipping. The high-quality cutting blade is very sharp for easy and precision cutting. A guard is fitted on to the clipper for a slip-free cut.

To make your nail trimming have a pro touch, this dog nail trimmer comes with included nail file and a guide on how to use it correctly. No messed up and accidental cuttings. When you buy this nail trimmer, you get a free professional standard file to give the pup’s nails a smooth edge after a trim.

If your dog does not like being nail clipped or becomes aggressive in the process of using the ordinary nail clippers, then this one offers an excellent alternative. The angled tip keeps the dog calm throughout the process.

The cutting mechanism is spring-loaded to prevent it from becoming loose in the process. A locking clip prevents it from opening and closing when stored, ensuring safe and secure storage. This feature also eliminates the risk of accidental injuries while handling or transporting the device.


  • A guaranteed lifetime performance
  • A free smoothing file is provided
  • Quick, clean cuts
  • High-quality parts
  • A good value for the price


  • The locking clip becomes flimsy over time
  • Some individuals hate the raised tip
  • Trimming the nails of small dogs is difficult
  • The safety mechanism provided blocks the cutting path

#5. GoPets Pro-Pet Works Dog Nail Clippers

Pro-pet pet nail clippers

If you feel like paying those huge dog grooming bills no more, then you need to get yourself a Pro Pet works nail trimmer. This pet nail trimmer will enable you to have complete control over the entire pet nail trimming procedures.

This clipper is made to trim your canine friend’s nails with minimum effort. Also, the 3 mm cutting blade is made from stainless steel blades and provides a precise cut each time. This heavy-duty clipper is made from professional quality materials.

Moreover, a nail file is designed to fit into the handle. This allows you to smoothen out rough edges. An ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, non-slip handle. No flimsy feel in case your hands get sweaty.

A nail guard limits the amount of nail clip with each cut. This is essential when trimming shorter nails mostly cat’s nails or when you are about to reach the quick part of the nail.

In instances where you are not very sure of what to do, a step by step guide set of instructions is provided for a surety of trimming. This prevents you from hurting your dog or crushing a nail or two. This nail trimmer makes it easy to trim those long nails of your dog.


  • Very sharp blade
  • Instructions are provided for newbies
  • The handles are non-slip
  • Has a built-in nail guard
  • Can be used for dogs and cats


  • The nail file can get stuck when it is to be used for the first time.

#6 Coastal Safari Professional Nail Trimmer For Small Dogs

Best nail clippers according to Spruce Pets

This Safari professional nail trimmer is known to be effective in trimming the nails of small dogs. It features sharp stainless steel blades that provide a clean and precise cut, ensuring the safety and comfort of your canine friend.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, making it easy to control and maneuver while trimming. Both you and your furry friend will enjoy the rubber-coated handles of these nail trimmers, as they provide added comfort and prevent slipping during the trimming process.

Additionally, the Safari professional nail trimmer is designed with a safety stop feature that helps prevent over-cutting, giving you peace of mind while grooming your small dog’s nails.

Cut black and white nails easily with the help of the built-in LED light, which illuminates the nail for improved visibility. The stainless steel blades of the trimmer are sharp and durable, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time.

#7 Resco Guillotine Style Clippers For Your Dog’s Nails

Guillotine dog nail clippers for regularly trimming

The Guillotine-style trimmer works well on medium-sized dogs with thick nails. It features a sharp blade that smoothly cuts through the nail, ensuring a clean and precise trim. Additionally, its ergonomic design provides comfort and control for both you and your furry friend during the grooming process.

You can do regular trimming without having to worry about accidentally hurting your dog’s sensitive nail bed. The guillotine-style clippers also have a safety guard that helps prevent over-cutting, giving you peace of mind while grooming your pet.

Say good-bye to black nails because now you can easily and safely trim them with the guillotine-style trimmer. This tool is specifically designed to handle thick nails, making it perfect for dogs with dark-colored nails that are often harder to see through.

With this trimmer, you can confidently maintain your pet’s nail health and appearance without any hassle or stress. Once their nails grow, you will be able to trim them with ease and precision, ensuring that your dog remains comfortable throughout the process.

The Guillotine-style trimmer’s sharp blade allows for a clean cut, reducing the risk of splitting or cracking your dog’s nails. Regular nail maintenance is essential for your dog’s overall well-being, as long nails can cause discomfort and even affect their posture.

What Should You Look For When Buying a Nail Clipper?

There are lots of dog and cat nail clippers out in the market today. Each in their way claiming to be the best, the safest and so on. Choosing one is a tall order if you do not know what to look for. Relax, we are here for you.


Comfort, comfort. The need for this when nail trimming your best friend’s nails cannot be overemphasized. Your dog can sense when you are tensed and in discomfort as you clip his large nails. This makes him uncomfortable too, and you will not get anything done.

The best dog nail clippers have a rubberized handle with anti-slip properties. This gives an assured hold as you clip. For better grip, look for a clipper with a longer handle for easy cutting of even the thickest nails.

Quality cutting blade

Asides from comfort, the cutting blade should also inform your decision when deciding on a nail clipper. This is the part tasked with the actual cutting job, so you really have to get it right. The blade should be at least made of stainless steel which does not get blunt easily.

Another added advantage of a sharp stainless steel blades overgrown nails blade is that it does not rust either. It is easier to clip your dog’s nail with a sharp blade than a blunt one. The sharper the blade stays, the lesser the chances of the dog’s nail crushing during clipping.

Safety provisions

When trimming your dog’s nails, it is very much likely that you are not a pro at doing it. Even if you are, you might make a mistake at some point. When choosing a nail clipper, look for one that prevents most dogs and you from [over clipping the nail].

A nail clipper with a guard may come in handy when you do it yourself and become nervous in the process. There is a part of a dog’s nail that contains blood capillaries. If you accidentally cut this part, bleeding may occur.

Clipper type

Dog nail clippers come in a variety of [three types] that you can choose from. These are the Guillotine, Scissors and the Rotary sander. All these work in different ways to fit your style and dog’s nails.

The Guillotine Clippers use the retractable blade system which is activated when you squeeze the handle. These types require some care so that you do not crush the dog’s nails.

Additionally, the scissors type is the commonest type and is fit for tough nails. The Rotary Sander types employ a spinning sander which trims down the puppy’s nail. The motor used in the Clipper produces very irritating sounds to the dog.

Plus, they are normally slow and this might work to your disadvantage. When choosing a nail trimmer, decide on one that fits your style and would be easy to use.

Size of dog

The toughness of a pup’s nail depends on its size and age. The sizes of the nail clippers cut also differ depending on the size of the dog. It, therefore, would make no sense to use a clipper meant for a puppy on thicker nails of a full grown large breed dog.

The scissor group of clippers is availed in two sizes different sized dogs, the large and small types. Buy the most appropriate one for your pooch. If your dog has tough nails, buy a clipper with a corresponding degree of toughness.

Left or right handed

When buying a dog nail clipper, consider your most dominant hand. The direction the dog’s quick side guard faces should be away from you.

Not all the clippers will be oriented in this manner when used with either hand. Buy the appropriate clipper for your dominant hand to prevent the cut nails flying all around you.


There is a saying that cheap is always expensive and vice versa. This is sometimes false. A very expensive nail clipper does not necessarily guarantee a high-end product.

You can still find a good value for your money plier style clippers at a cheaper price. Do your budgeting and find a clipper that best fits into your plan.

Tips On How To Get The Best Dog Nail Trimmers for Your Dog

Keeping your dog black and nails trimmed and in top shape is mandatory for dog owners. When their nails are left unattended to and grow too long, those dog hugs when you come home become unbearable. You then have to invest in dog nail clippers to trim down those long nails.

Finding the best dog nail clippers can be a tricky affair as much as it can be straight forward. You have to look for one that is easy to use, produces a quick and clean cut and comfortable to hold. Regular dog walks will help to naturally wear those sharp edges on your puppy’s nails.

Furthermore, it is recommended by animal trainers, pet groomers, pet owners and lots of customers who have been satisfied with its performance. We hope this article will help you keep dog’s nails short and clean with much ease.

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