Top 10 Best Electronic Dog Doors And Smart Door For Large Dogs

Should you get one of the best electronic dog doors out there? Allowing your four-legged friend outside to do their business is a huge part of dog ownership. They depend on you to open the door and let them relieve themselves.

On the other hand, what if you are in the office or somewhere else? What will happen? It doesn’t matter if you are away at the office or have physical restrictions that stop you from allowing your pet, an electronic dog door might be the best answer.

You can set up an electronic dog door on an existing door. This device gives your dog the freedom they need to go outside when they wish to. Your four-legged friend can gain independence and will not have to depend on you a lot to do the things which come naturally to them.

If you are worried about safety, electronic dog doors got you covered. Superior and high-quality dog doors have advanced technology. They can determine if the dog is near and unlock it automatically. There are many superior and excellent doors available on the market today.

Top 10 Best Electronic Dog Doors For Multiple Dog Breeds Reviewed

Product Name

#1. PetSafe Electronic Dog Door – Best Smart Dog Door

This PetSafe electronic smart door is one of the most popular and cheapest automatic dog doors available. This is easy to set up and responds well to a battery-operated SmartKey attached to the collar. The radio frequency system reads the signals and unlocks, letting your canine push in the flap and go inside prior to locking again when it’s longer in range.

Each door has one SmartKey, but you can add up to five keys maximum, making it a good choice for a home with more pets. This electronic pet door is also equipped with three programmable access options, automatic locking, unlock, and locked- so, aside from SmartKey entry, you can decide to leave it entirely open or locked permanently when not in use.

State-of-the-art dog door from Petsafe is available in small and large and powered by four D cell batteries. This is made for doors of 1 ½ to two inches thick. However, you can also install this door on walls 4 ¾ to 7 ½ inches thick using the additional smart door wall conversion kit.

#2. High Tech Pet Electronic Dog Door

This is a more driven, vertically sliding pet door set off by a water-resistant, ultrasonic collar fastened to your canine. Unlike magnetic pet doors or radio frequencies, the ultrasonic entry technology features a directional system. It will open once it senses your pet is facing the door, not when strolling past.

Furthermore, this is also integrated with 4-way access control, allowing you to set it so that your fur friend can only pass inward and outward. The vertically sliding system is more straightforward for the pet to master, as he doesn’t need to learn to push open a flap. This door just powers open on his approach, and drops closed with the use of gravity once he has entered.

It is available for medium and large dogs, and you can set it up on a wall or door using the extra wall adapter tunnel. This automatic dog door is mainly powered as standard. However, you can also use this with rechargeable batteries for backup or as an alternative power source.

#3. Armor Flex Pet Doors Electronic Dog Door

Armor Flex electronic pet doors are motorized smart dog door that functions with the help of a magnetic mechanism, opening in response to a magnet fastened to the dog collar. So means the collar is reliable and fully waterproof, without batteries needed.

This also opens upright and utilizes gravity to close slowly, making it safe for your pet. When closed, this dog door is locked with a locking pin made of steel for improved safety. With a remarkable ten different size options, this smart door enables the dog owner to pick one ideal for their canine.

It is a good choice if you have a gentle giant and want another big electronic pet door or when your canine friend is medium-sized and you do not want to cut a big hole in your existing door, as there are just two options of sizes.

Each size of Armor Flex Pet Door is available in a door or wall installation option without extra expense; therefore, an ideal solo advanced pet door will meet your needs and requirements, or whatever your condition.

#4. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

You can program this SureFlap dog door to work with your dog’s existing microchip. This is well-suited with all microchip formats and is able to recall a remarkable 12 different chips, making it ideal for big families or if you are planning to get more pets.

It also works with an RFID collar tag, in case you do not want to employ it with the pet’s implanted ID microchip. Unlike other products, the SureFlap Pet Door just limits access in a single direction- it is made to prevent unwanted animals from getting inside.

However, it is permanently open in another direction. Therefore, with the waterproof collar key, only your pet can always exit. This is just available on one side and is perfect for small dogs and cats as well. This is best for those who have an existing sliding glass door already installed at home.

The pet’s microchip dog door is battery operated (4 C cell batteries), and it can last for one year without the need to change. As standard, you can fit this cat door, both in the exterior and interior door, but extra adaptors are available to let you set it up in a glass or wall if needed.

#5. PlexiDor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door

This PlexiDor electronic dog door is the most expensive and most popular electronic dog door on the list. However, this automatic pet door is a good investment. With the use of groundbreaking RFID technology, the sensor picks up the signal from a very lightweight key that snaps onto the dog’s collar. And it just opens once it senses your canine approaching.

It comes with three water-resistant collar keys, and you can buy extras when required. The door panel opens by gliding vertically upwards. How long the door opens depends on your choice, you can set it according to the dog’s preference, and perfect if you are still concerned about stray animals getting too close.

The door will not close unless obstructed, making it totally safe for small kids and pets as well. Also, to improve convenience, this will not interfere with the underground fence or your home security system. It has an automatic deadbolt locking feature that becomes securely locked once it grants the pet’s access to the house.

Plus, this is available in a big size that is perfect for canines weighing 125 lbs or more. It plugs into a standard outlet or can be wired. There are no batteries needed, so there are no extra expenses. Lastly, this type of automatic dog door can be mounted on walls up to 12 inches thick.

#6. Perfect Pet All-Weather Energy-Efficient Dog Door

This all-weather energy-efficient electronic door is a groundbreaking smart dog door that your canine can use while entering or leaving your home. Allowing your pet out in this dog door assists in lessening the loss of power that your room or house loses while keeping the door open.

Furthermore, this smart dog door is made of energy-effective structural foam molded plastic that is easy to maintain. It has easy-to-adjust frame telescopes ranging from ¾ inch to 1 ¾ inch in thickness to match the different wall or door thicknesses. You need to buy an optional wall kit to set it up on a thick wall.

This is a state-of-the-art double vinyl flap style that makes an effective air pocket. For example, the big flap dimension stands at 9 and ¾ inches by seventeen inches and comes with other sizes that must work for most sizes of canines.

#7. Ideal Pet Products E-Z Pass Electronic Pet Door

Another superb electronic pet door available today is the state-of-the-art Ideal Pet Products E-Z Pass. This dog opener has been one of the most sought-after models today. It comes equipped with a tough plastic frame with a size o 1 ¼ to 1 ¾ inch in thickness.

More so, this dog opener is activated through a special radio frequency pet’s collar, which fastens to the dog or cat collar. Once they approach the door, the pet’s collar will automatically operate to open or close. If the dog is in or out, the natural force of gravity is enough to close the door. No physical support is needed to help your dog enter or exit the door.

This automatic dog door comes with a specially made transparent 7 by 8-inch flap made of hard and unbreakable Lexa. This dog door is made to be fitted for the requirements of cats and dogs and small canines which weigh 25 pounds or lower.

#8. Endure Flap Single Flap Pet door For Multiple Pets

If you have a budget, it is advised to buy an electronic pet door armed with state-of-the-art features. One of the best and most expensive electronic dog openers on the market is the Endure Flap Single Flap Pet door. While this is expensive, you will get added security and efficiency in exchange.

The frame of this dog door is made to expand and contract in cold and hot for utmost energy efficiency. In contrast, the two-layer flap is made of high-quality polyolefin-based polymer, which is recyclable and non-toxic as well as will not harden in yellow or winter in the sun.

According to the manufacturer, this dog door is effective as a two-panel glass at keeping elements at bay. It comes with magnetic strips on the side and bottom and has been tried and tested to survive winds up to 50 MPH. In terms of security, it has a locking cover made of tough ABS plastic material, equivalent to a sheet of steel.

#9. PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

If you are looking for a smart door for all types of weather, the extreme weather model from PetSafe is the best choice. It has been made exclusively for all forms of weather. This smart door is integrated with an exceptional three-flap system to guarantee maximum energy efficiency

Each time your dog enters and exits, it affects the temperature inside the room. This can lead to the loss of heat inside your property during the winter season. However, the three-flap technology keeps the temp in the house constant.

The state-of-the-art technology allows you to save more energy which makes this dog door the most economical. The tough plastic materials and fast and simple installation process are extra bonuses. Made of nylon and plastic, and this dog door comes with a 3.5 inches thick frame.

#10. Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Modular Pet Patio Door

Last but not least is the Ideal power pet fully automatic sliding pet door, perfect for a sliding glass door. This is one of the best electronic pet doors available on the market, intended for canines who love to chew. This is made of high-quality plastic materials, so it will last for many years of use.

Similar to the popular PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Sliding Glass Pet Door, Ideal Pet Products’ height is adjustable. Pet owners can do this by simply loosening the locking knob. Also, it comes with a slide-in panel for extra safety and to keep your pet in and out.

What makes Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Modular Pet Patio Door apart from other smart dog doors is that it is made of tough aluminum material with clear tempered glass and can just fit aluminum terrace sliders. It has two modular sections which can be assembled with ease into a full-size door, making it simple to set up and remove.

 Best Electronic Dog Door For Multiple Pets: Buying Guide

Different dog breeds will have different sizes and needs, so it’s important to choose an electronic pet door that can accommodate multiple pets of varying sizes. If you have more than one pet, a smart pet door for multiple animals will make it easier for all of them to have access to the outdoors.

Large dogs may have difficulty fitting through a standard-sized sliding door. Whether you have cement walls or a sliding door, a smart pet door can be installed to accommodate their size and provide convenient access.

With many outstanding and remarkable smart dog doors available, it can be hard to determine which is best for you. Here are the things you have to consider when buying a smart dog door:

How Is It Set Off?

Electronic dog doors can be set off by either an external device attached to the dog’s collar or by an integrated microchip.

You may choose a microchip-activated dog door if your pet does not wear a collar, while a collar tag is a good choice for bigger canines, as a microchip-activated dog door is likely to be available in a small size.

A high-tech dog door can be set up in a window, wall, or door. Different variations are on hand. It depends on where you want to set it up.

Power Source

Electronic dog doors can be battery or mains-operated, so research which would be the most cost-effective and energy-efficient for you. Find a pet door that you can connect to your existing electrical system, or choose a model that runs on batteries for more flexibility in placement.


This is a vital factor to think of when making a purchase. There is a big difference in price between different styles and brands.

Smart key

As a pet owner, you want to keep your pooch safe and secure. A smart key or microchip would allow you to restrict wild animals from accessing certain areas of your home or property. Additionally, a smart fob can also help monitor your pet’s movement, and only the pets with the collar keys would have access to your property.

What to Look For In Electronic Dog Doors?

Dog owners should look for electronic dog doors that are durable and weatherproof, as they will be exposed to the elements. It is also important to consider the size of the door, ensuring it is suitable for your dog’s breed and size.

Additionally, features such as adjustable settings for different access modes and programmable timers can provide added convenience and security. Here are some features to look for:

Size dog door

There’s no standard size for a dog door. Each dog is exceptional and has its size or measurements. For this reason, measure your canine prior to choosing the dog door panel size.

You should ensure that your fur friend can move in and out with ease. If you’re getting one for a puppy, you should factor in extra allowances for development.

Access Control

This feature assists in determining how the electronic dog doors open and how your four-legged friend utilizes the automatic door. For instance, you can avoid entry from outside if the dog is inside your house. Find an automatic pet door that comes with two pde collar keys if you own more than one dog.

Ease of Installation

If the electronic dog door installation is an easy process, it’s more beneficial than spending an extra buck on a handyman to do the task. Check on the difficulty in setting up the smart dog door. You should be able to install some pet doors within a few minutes and others in less than an hour.

Directional Sensing System

The lack of a well-defined directional sensing system will unlock each time the dog is close by. It is extremely recommended to buy a smart dog door with a precise sensing system because this will prevent the swing door from accidentally opening when the dog walks past.


Search for a long-lasting or durable material like steel that has an extra aesthetic value as well. A steel security plate will provide the necessary strength and protection for the automatic door.

Energy Efficiency

Each time the dog door opens and closes, you lose a bit of thermal energy. Add them all up for more than months, and your bills will go up to a greater extent. The electronic dog door should be energy efficient and have the right sealings to make sure minimal heat loss.

How Do Electronic Dog Doors Work?

Automatic dog doors work by using sensors to detect when the dog is approaching. These sensors can be activated by a special collar worn by the dog or by motion sensors that detect movement. Once the sensors are triggered, the door automatically opens, allowing the dog to pass through.

Some electronic dog doors also have programmable settings that allow you to control when and how the door opens, providing added convenience and security. You can control how long the door remains open and adjust the sensitivity of the door to prevent any unwanted intrusions.

When getting these pet doors, you want to ensure that you get one that has an airtight seal. This will help to keep out drafts and maintain the temperature inside your home. Other pet owners like it when the flap automatically locks once your furry friend is out of a specific range.

Can Pet Doors Prevent Other Animals From Entering Your Home?

Yes, pet doors can help prevent other animals from entering your home. Many pet doors come with features such as magnetic or electronic locking systems that only allow access to pets wearing a specific collar or tag.

This ensures that only your own pets can enter and exit through the door, keeping out any unwanted intruders. The door remains fully locked until a pet wearing the specific tag approaches it. Lastly, these pet doors allow you to keep your child and dog child safe from stray animals without compromising security.

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