Pros And Cons of Dog Door Systems (Fully Explained)

Pets are loveable companions that give us a special kind of fulfillment. And while we love to have them around, they equally demand a ton of care, hygiene, and safe surroundings. One of the ways to prove our home for your animal is by installing a door system. So, what are the pros and cons of dog door systems?

These systems are designed to offer convenient pet access while simultaneously offering benefits to the owner as well. If you’ve decided to get pet doors for sliding windows, it’s wise that you understand all about it, the good and bad included. Without further ado, let’s get into the gist of dog/cat doors.

Pros and Cons of Dog Door Systems

If you’re a pet owner, at some point, you’ve probably thought of the idea of getting a pet door to allow your pooch access to the outdoors. And if you haven’t already, you could be wondering, is it really worth it? Well, for anyone at crossroads, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons affiliated with the product.

Pros of Dog Doors

Pros Of Dog Doors

Dog doors have a lot to offer on the bright side. Consider these advantages for a start:

Lots of Different Models

The pet market is constantly upgrading existing systems with new specs that better favor pet owners. Not only this, but there are a plethora of options that vary with a price point, durability even customization support. So, whatever you envision your dog system to be, it is likely that there is a model out there to suit you.

Factory Installed

More advanced pet doors need professional installers to get them fixed accordingly. Unless you’re good with your tools, this option comes in handy, more so if you need to cut through screen doors or tough walls.

DIY projects risk all sorts of dangers and, worse yet, could compromise your home security altogether. In that case, a factory handyman is a better option.

Convenience & Freedom

Stay at home pets need just as much fresh air and playtime outside. With doors with pet door, this becomes feasible. At the same time, there’s less demand on you to always walk out your furry friend as they can do it themselves.

To add on, being that these units are programmable, scheduling outdoor and indoor times is as easy as pressing a few buttons.

Perfect for People with Busy Schedules

For owners with tight schedules, digital pet tools are a savior. They relieve the burden of needing to be present to keep watch on your dog.

In this case, whenever your pet needs a bathroom break or in the case of security dogs (a quick night search for trespassers), you don’t need to open the door or wait till they come back in. The door unit does it for you instead.

Emergency Evacuation

Accidents can occur any time, and when they do, a safe let out for your extra family member is important. With a doorway leading to the outside, escaping becomes fast and smooth.

This is why you should prioritize installing an outlet that actually leads to the backyard/front yard as opposed to other rooms such as the laundry area. You can think of it as a storm door for any breed dog.

Outlet for Energy

A healthy dog needs a daily dose of exercise. When you’re not able to schedule regular walks into your animal’s routine or have a special condition that makes it difficult to, a door system should be your next option. Likewise, there are other benefits of installing, for instance, insulation from external weather contaminants.

Cons of Dog Doors

Cons of dog doors

Now let’s move along into the common shortcomings.

Outdoor Dangers

Not all door systems guarantee safety, especially if you take into consideration manual pet doors. These passageways take to a flap design, which can let in stray animals as well. A safer option would be electronic versions that detect the key on your pet’s collar tag before opening up. But these too can get faulty and become just as dangerous.

Loss of Control

Because of the kind of in and out access your pet has, regardless of whether you’re there or not, there’s little control over when they choose to leave or get back. Couple this with over-dependency on the luxury, and you have yourself the perfect recipe for bad dog behavior.

Pet Safety Concerns

One of the downsides to external exposure includes climate change effects. During summer, dogs can suffer from heat strokes or burnt paws, while cold seasons risk cases of flu. But not just this, many more safety concerns come into the picture, such as attacks by larger animals or even straying off through a hole in the fence.

Bad for Energy Efficiency

Electronic doorways are an added expense to your monthly energy bill. Even with energy-efficient models, there’s no evading the extra coins you would have to foot.

Before getting one installed, consider the financial dent it may impose on your existing energy bill and assess what designs could reduce costs.

Concern With Dog Door Installations

Dog doors can go in on just about any surface (sliding glass doors, timber wood, even windows). How you actually set them up matters greatly. A faulty fix is all it takes to pave the way for a burglary attack. Away from this, permanent installations I rented homes could cause problems when moving out.

Are dog doors a good idea?

Generally, dog doors are designed to give your pet more control, and for the most part, they do a great job. The only challenge comes in when you become overly dependent on the luxury and fail to give your animal the baseline attention it deserves.

Not only does it put your furry companion at risk, but it also degrades the existing bond. And as you know, just like humans, pets too can suffer from the effects of neglect. On the flip side, if you’re a stay at home parent and have all the time to attend to your animal, then a door system may not feel so pressing.

What are the best dog doors?

Finding the best pet door will need you to factor in things like price value, maintenance, durability, and so on. Previous manual designs have the advantage of easy maintenance due to quick access to spare parts and replacement flaps. However, security-wise they are limiting.

Today, pet lovers are taking to microchip pet doors instead because of automated locking convenience. To add on, if you get one enabled with multi-pet support, you could store several pet identities in just one device.

When shopping, consider energy-efficient models to offset the otherwise daunting electric bills you would have to pay. Also, you should consider the type of door that you have in your home. For example, if you have a french door, your best bet is to purchase a pet door model that can adjust to your type of door.

Sliding Glass Dog Doors vs. Dog Doors For Walls

Doors for sliding glass are relatively easier to operate because of the automated opening and closing mechanism. With the right equipment, it also takes shorter to insert a screen door opening. Sliding doggie doors are a practical addition for short term renters because they are semi-permanent and removable.

Dog doors for walls, on the other hand, are permanent. Unless you’ve bought a lasting family home, once fixed, they cannot be undone. Also, putting one up requires professional third part assistance because of cutting holes through walls. The measurements have to be spot on.

What are the things to consider before installing doggie doors?

Before going ahead to make any alterations, think about;

  • Location – Scout your home to find a location that works best. Back yard outlets are the go-to option for many owners. However, this is not set on stone. Think also of an area that your cat will find access to easily, i.e., style windows.
  • Size – Smaller animals, have no problem fitting into the average door size but not the case with huge dogs. Get a generous opening allowance in large or extra-large sizes, and if you can, use a sizing chart to get the exact body dimensions.

Is it safe to have doggie doors?

If your compound is well fenced and with enough security measures in place, with a manual doggie door, the potent risks drop lower. Nonetheless, it pays to have a full-proof system that does not leave anything to chance. To boost the safety of pet entrances, be sure to have the door serviced regularly.

Watch out for loose screws, worn-out flaps or slides, and depleted motors. And if you find yourself constantly having to repair, it may be time for a new system upgrade altogether. Lastly, have a professional look at the wiring just to cancel out any lurking dangers.

Most family dogs need a bathroom break. Humans with busy schedules would probably want to get one of these doors to allow in and out pet access.

Can snakes come in through pet doors?

Snakes and other stray animals can find an entry point through your cat flap when the sealing is compromised. Other times, it could be your animal bringing them in.

To keep away pests and dangerous predators, be sure to mow your lawn frequently. Follow up by draining any areas with stagnant waters that would otherwise attract snakes.

But most importantly, double-check your door system to confirm that it is indeed locked before leaving for bed. If you can, use a combination lock system as it is more accurate, and install motion-sensing lights/ a security alarm.


Door dog systems are a great addition to your home that work to improve the quality of life for your pooch. To get the most value out of your unit, teach your dog how to use it and when. All the same, they make life easier both for you and your pet.

Family dogs tend to be looked at like the additional children of the family. A door insert that is designed for their body type is very useful in most cases. However, if you have a very popular dog, you might want to consider manual sliding doors or electronic pet doors. These types of doors will allow you to have more control of when your pet goes outside.

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