Top 10 Best Dog Beds For German Shepherds Reviews

The best dog beds for German Shepherds will help you provide your dogs with the necessary comfort and convenience. Orthopedic beds are not only a way of showing love for them but also provide a safe zone to rest.

Every German Shepherd owner wants the best for their fur buddy, especially when it comes to comfort. These dogs often weigh 90 lbs. or more, putting a lot of stress on their joints. Like humans, your German Shepherd deserves a comfortable, deep sleep.

You have to provide them with a quiet place to sleep without foot traffic. When sleeping, they need to lie off the floor, preventing joint pressure that causes pain. You also must ensure their hygienic sleeping area to keep them healthy.

However, the problem is that there are plenty of options on the market with differences in designs, materials, prices, etc. To simplify your buying process, we give you the best German Shepherd dog bed buying guide based on beds that we have previously owned and tested.

Top 10 Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

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Your German Shepherd cannot sleep in a dog crate or kennel forever. They need a comfortable bed that guarantees a good night’s sleep. Don’t worry, and we have done the research for you. So, here are the top 10 best dog beds for German Shepherds:

#1. Big Barker Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed 

The Big Barker Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed comes with a 7-inch high-density foam and a raised headrest. This dog bed is specifically designed to prevent and soothe aching joints through pressure point support. You can keep your dog warm and cozy during colder months by adding a plush blanket or heated pad to this Big Barker bed.

More so, this Big Baker dog bed helps improve the quality of life of your German Shepherd dog. Most dog owners gave positive reviews of this good dog bed. This Big Barker dog bed has a research-backed design that helps ease the pain.

Its design also offers improved comfort for German Shepherd dogs at risk of developing joint problems. With the microfiber cover of this Big Barker bed, rest assured your fur best friend will get the warmth that helps ease joint pain.

Since the German Shepherd dog bed is handmade with orthopedic foam, it can retain 90 percent of its original shape and depth. So, you can expect long-lasting use, saving you significant money in the long run.

#2. Sealy Orthopedic Dog Bed 

The Sealy Orthopedic Dog Bed combines a fashionable look and comfort. It allows your German Shepherd dog to climb onto, which benefits senior dogs with mobility issues. This orthopedic dog bed is cozy as it looks, with a built-in entry dip.

The dog bed’s plush center is 1-inch of shredded memory foam and 3-inch slab foam. This bolster is made of polyfill material. This dog bed provides much-needed privacy and safety for older dogs.

Most German Shepherd owners look for a durable bed with a removable cover. They also want the bed to be easy to clean and machine washable. It has a waterproof liner that helps protect against accidents and spills.

German Shepherds with joint issues like elbow or hip dysplasia can benefit from this dog bed. Even if you have German Shepherd puppies under potty training, they can already sleep on this best orthopedic dog bed. Plus, it is affordable and suits any limited budget.

#3. Midwest Bolster Pet Bed

The Midwest bolster pet bed is a comfortable nest for dogs, including a German Shepherd. This comfortable and stylish dog bed is safe for puppies after an all-day long playtime in the park. It provides the necessary support for dogs with joint issues and other health problems.

With extreme comfort, this dog bed is suitable for injured German Shepherd puppies, older dogs, or dogs with special needs. The German Shepherd bed’s waterproof liner is made of dirt-repellent and stain-proof Teflon fabric.

Also, this means you are confident that your dog’s bed stays clean and dry. These qualities make the bed long-lasting and durable. So, your German Shepherd dog breed can enjoy the comfort for a long time.

This dog bed for large breeds is also designed with a non-slip bottom and machine-washable zippered case. The German Shepherd’s bed also comes in varying sizes, so you have no trouble picking the most suitable bed size for your dog.

#4. PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is suitable for German Shepherds prone to accidents for medical reasons, including recovery from surgery or bladder control issues. The German Shepherd dog bed provides a thick egg crate foam that helps their joints be healthy and free from aches.

One of the interesting things about this dog bed is that it is water-resistant. Providing your dog with a waterproof foam bed helps them stay dry and clean. In short, you become less worried about dirt, stain, water, or moisture while your German Shepherd uses this waterproof dog bed.

German Shepherds have thick nails, which can cause scratches and damage to low-quality German Shepherd beds. Lucky for you, this washable dog bed is designed with an anti-tear outer covering.

The bed’s cover is also water-resistant, and you can unzip it to ensure easy washing. The bolster of this Ultimate dog bed gives older dogs a suitable place to rest their heads for deeper sleep comfortably and better alignment.

#5. FurHaven Southwest Kilim Bed 

The Furhaven orthopedic dog bed gives your dogs the luxury they deserve. This is the best orthopedic bed, and it is super comfortable and soft. It also has an elegant look, making it an excellent addition to your interior. You will appreciate its attractive look, while your dog will love its comfort and softness.

Furthermore, this bed’s bolsters are L-shaped to provide an extra layer of comfort to your German Shepherd with hips, back, head, and neck support. Remember that proper shape helps dogs adjust their spine alignment.

Interestingly, the orthopedic egg crate base is developed to relieve joint pain and pressure, making it ideal for senior German Shepherds. The orthopedic bed is made of plush and soft microfiber material, creating a snuggly nest your German Shepherd would appreciate.

If you are conscious about the environment and support sustainability and recycling, it is nice to know that the bolters are made of 100 percent recyclable filling. So, you feel guilt-free seeing your dog resting and sleeping on it.

#6. Bedsure Extra Large Machine Washed Dog Bed 

As the name suggests, the Bedsure Extra Large Bed can accommodate your extra large breed dogs like German Shepherd. It comes with a 44 x 32 inches dimension, providing your dog with plenty of room to rest or sleep.

Interestingly, this extra-large size dog bed comes with a reversible design. The bed’s one side is made of soft, fleecy fleece that helps keep dogs warm during winter. The other side of this German Shepherd bed is made of Oxford fabric to keep dogs cool on summer days.

So, regardless of the weather, your German Shepherd stays comfortable sleeping or lying on the bed. You can wash the removable cover of this soft bed with ease. Also, it has an extra cushion that allows the dog’s head to rest while the dog sleeps.

Like most dog beds for German Shepherds, this one also has foam that helps support their joints while relieving any pressure. This well-cushioned dog bed also has a waterproof lining, keeping the inner cushion intact.

#7. Big Barker Cooling Dog Bed For Large Dog Breeds

The Big Barker Dog Bed is suitable for German Shepherds looking for cooler spots to rest and sleep. So, they do not need to lay down on concrete porches, tile floors, or areas near air conditioning vents. This dog bed helps prevent them from becoming overheated.

During hot summer days, your dogs would love staying on this bed as it can keep them cool and comfortable. The orthopedic and cooling dog bed will help them chill out, especially those suffering from the heat, and enjoy their sleep.

The mattress quickly contours to the dog’s body, allowing excellent air circulation. It also supports and protects their hips while resting. With the 1-inch cooling gel layer, your large dog can sleep longer.

Hence, this results in more restful nights for you and your dog. The convoluted foam mattress pad underneath the cooling surface supports your dog’s joints and body.

#8. Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed – Best Cooling Bed

The Veehoo elevated dog bed offers an attractive and innovative design. It is suitable for large German Shepherd dogs seeking a strong comfort level while enjoying the freedom to come and go.

Only half of the dog bed is bolstered, while the overall design has a round shape, promoting ultimate curled-up comfort. Moreover, this is the best dog bed for German Shepherd, and it comes in different designs, such as stripped gray design, fray dots, and chevron gray.

It is advisable to get a large size to accommodate your German Shepherd dog’s weight and height. This round bed is entirely machine washable. If you have an elderly dog that has hip dysplasia or needs an elevated crate bed to sleep on, then the Veehoo can work your case.

So, you can pop it in the washer, no fussing with zippers, to keep it fresh and clean – so convenient. It offers the needed support to your dog’s joints, neck, hip, and head. Many German Shepherds appreciate the bed’s overall functionality and durability.

#9. Casper Deluxe Dog Bed With Memory Foam

The Casper dog bed is one of the best outdoor dog beds on the market. Most German Shepherds come with thick double coats to stay warm, but some like to lay outdoors to get extra heat, and that is why this outdoor bed will help them with that.

It comes with a machine washable microsuede cover that makes it easy for the pet owner to keep the dog’s bed clean. Also, this sturdy bed has an electric thermostat to adjust the heat output for the preferred therapeutic warmth.

You have nothing to worry about the energy bills because the Casper dog bed is energy-efficient. The bed’s faux fleece and bolstered sides cover to deliver a den-like feel, which is especially beneficial for

German Shepherds love to rest their heads on the elevated spot or curl up. This best dog bed is not only perfect for outdoor use but also for indoor, providing options compare to traditional dog beds only for indoor use.

#10. Magic Dog Store Orthopedic Foam Pet Bed 

The Magic Dog Store Orthopedic Bed is one of the simplest and all-in-one beds. The mattress top is made of super comfortable suede material, combining comfort and a luxury look.

Also, this comfortable dog bed is available in different colors, such as burgundy, dark gray, dark brown, blue, and light gray, to easily match your other furniture pieces or overall interior.

These elevated beds are also available in large or jumbo sizes. A few owners mentioned that the high-quality materials help the orthopedic dog bed retain its original shape for three years with proper care.

Additionally, the hidden zipper is located on the bottom, allowing you quickly remove the top cover when washing. This entire bed also has a non-slip bottom, so you can set it up on any surface. It provides excellent support for the body and joints.

So, your senior German Shepherds can enjoy a comfortable and pain-free sleep. It can also last longer, unlike other German Shepherd beds that require replacement after a few uses.

Best Dog Beds for German Shepherd Buying Guide 

The most critical thing you need to consider when buying the best pet beds for German Shepherds is the dog’s comfort. Your German Shepherd should not sleep on the floor or on firm surfaces. Also, they should not rest on too soft mattresses.

They require a bed, or something in between, like the elevated or orthopedic, which are the best orthopedic dog beds for German Shepherd. When you are in the market for beds for large dogs, orthopedic dog beds are an excellent investment, particularly when you consider the German Shepherd dog’s weight.

An elevated pet bed supports your dog’s neck, back, and joints while relieving pressure points. You also need to consider the measurements of the memory foam with a washable cover.

Remember that the German Shepherd is a large breed dog that needs extra space or an elevated bed to sleep in different positions, stretch, or rollover. If your German Shepherd dog spends the entire night in a clean, soft new bed, it becomes more energetic the next day.

What to Look for In a Dog Bed for German Shepherds 

A German Shepherd puppy is not going to be as large as an adult German Shepherd, so it’s important to choose a bed that can accommodate their growing size. Look for a bed that has adjustable sizing options or one that is specifically designed for puppies.

Additionally, consider the durability of the bed, as German Shepherds are known for their strength and tendency to chew. Opt for a bed made from durable materials that can withstand their powerful jaws.

Don’t worry if it is your first time buying a new dog bed for German Shepherds. Here are the factors you should look for:

Quality of Materials 

German Shepherds have large poles and powerful muscular bodies, so their dog beds must have heavy-duty materials to last longer. High-quality materials also prevent staining, premature ripping, and other issues. Memory foam can

Ease of Cleaning 

This large dog breed sheds a bit. So, expect the German Shepherd dog beds to get dirty more quickly because their coat can trap more debris than usual. It is recommended to get beds that are convenient and easy to clean, like machine-washable ones.

Temperature Control 

Since German Shepherds have double coats, they quickly get hot. So, having elevated dog beds that help keep enough temperature, not too cold or hot, is critical. Pet owners can opt for an elevated dog bed as it creates airflow and eliminates overheating to ensure a comfortable German Shepherd’s sleep.


Not all pet beds have the same price tag. So, go for a pet bed that suits your budget without sacrificing quality and functionality. You can find lots of options at affordable costs with great dog bed features.

Machine washable cover

Dog bed covers are extremely important for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Look for a dog bed with a machine-washable cover, as this will make it much easier to keep the bed fresh and free from dirt and odor. Additionally, a machine wash cover allows for easy cleaning in case of any accidents or spills.

Different Types Of Dog Beds

Pet beds for Shepherds are available in different styles: elevated, donut, orthopedic, soft, and bolstered.

Elevated beds

An elevated dog bed usually has mesh inlay, can raise off the floor, and is highly breathable.

Donut beds

The donut-shaped bed comes with a cupped and circular design with a cuddling feel. Meanwhile, bolstered dog beds are designed with pillow-like sides for optimal comfort.

Orthopedic beds

The orthopedic dog bed is specifically designed to provide extra support and comfort for dogs with joint or muscle issues. Other orthopedic beds often have memory foam or other supportive materials to alleviate pressure points and promote better sleep.

Soft beds

A soft bed is made with plush and cozy materials, providing a luxurious and gentle surface for dogs to rest on. These beds are perfect for dogs who prefer a softer and more cushioned sleeping experience.


These types of dogs are considered large dogs and they need a bed that can support their weight and provide adequate cushioning for their joints. An orthopedic dog bed with memory foam or other supportive materials is especially beneficial for older dogs with joint or muscle issues.

Additionally, a sturdy bed that is made with plush materials can offer a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience for these dogs. The type of memory foam that the bed has plays a significant role in providing support and relieving pressure points on their bodies.

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