Benefits of Owning a German Shepherd Dog

For those considering adding a German Shepherd to their families, you’re in for a real treat. These dogs are smart, loving, funny, and intelligent. They make excellent companions as well as protecting animals and can adapt to a wide variety of living arrangements. Here’s some of the benefits of owning a German Shepherd you can look forward to when you decide to own one.

Advantages of Owning A German Shepherd

Benefits of owning a german shepherd


A German Shepherd is incredibly loyal. Once bonded to a family, they will be that family’s companion for life. They’ll guard and protect the family, standing in the way of their “pack” and any threat that might approach. Their intense loyalty is just one of the reasons why they make such excellent guard and protection dogs. These dogs will quickly learn to distinguish friend from foe and will fall in love with the little ones in your family just as fast as the adults.


When it comes to K9s that love being around their owners, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any better breed than a German Shepherd. Along with their intense, loyal streak, these dogs love being with their owners and families. They view themselves as part of your family pack and will enjoy doing everything you do from running around the block, hiking a trail, playing in the park, or relaxing in your backyard. These family dogs love to play with children, too. And they will thoroughly enjoy the extra attention when getting to play fetch with the younger members of your family.

Family Protection

German Shepherds have long been favorites of the military and police for use in a wide variety of tasks. When it comes to protection and taking down the bad guys, German Shepherds are second to none. Now, families are discovering their benefit in providing an extra layer of safety and security. They are naturally intelligent and easy to train, making them excellent additions to a family as a guard or personal protection dog. They’re naturally wary toward intruders while remaining incredibly loyal to their families. Their natural guarding instincts make them perfect for standing in the way of an intruder or a stranger who looks suspicious. With specialized training, they can perform a variety of security-related tasks and serve as your family’s round-the-clock bodyguard.


As long as you give your German Shepherd family member enough exercise each day, they can happily adjust to living in an apartment setting. They prefer large yards but can adapt as long as they have their needs met for adequate daily exercise. These dogs make a great addition to families with older children and younger children alike. Though initially wary of your family friends, once they see that they’re no threat to you, they’ll warm up and be loyal friends of your friends, as well.

Exercise Partner

Professional military training

These dogs love to get out and run around. If you need a K9 running, jogging, biking, or hiking partner, look no further. They require regular exercise to stay fit and provide mental stimulation. The combination of getting outside and running around helps them maintain a happy and active life. In fact, they strongly dislike remaining sedentary and, if bored, will get into mischief. If you want a healthy dog and have a reason to exercise on the regular, then an adult German Shepherd K9 companion will fit the bill.

Mental and Physical Health

It’s a well-known fact that pets such as a trained German Shepherd protection dog help to improve your mental health as well as your physical health. Studies show that those with pets are happier, less prone to depression than those who don’t own a pet, and suffer from stress. It’s no wonder when you have a loving, caring K9 to keep you safe, they lick your hand when you’re feeling low, and remain your loyal, constant companion no matter what is going on in your life. German Shepherds are very astute and caring dogs. They can distinguish your normal moods and those times when you’re feeling particularly down. Whether your dog is a certified emotional support animal or not, this loyal K9s will undoubtedly support you during the emotional ups and downs of life.

Increased Social Life

For those living alone, introducing a German Shepherd to your family can provide a plethora of opportunities to meet up with other dog lovers and nature enthusiasts. Head to the dog park to meet other German Shepherd owners. Sign up for a hiking group that hikes with their K9 companions. Find dog-friendly restaurants or look for advertised dog-park meetups. Your dog can open up numerous opportunities to meet up with other people and gain some new K9 and human friends.

Reason German Shepherds Are The Ideal Dogs

Lovely shepherd puppy with bended earsWhen you bring a German Shepherd into your family, you don’t just get a loyal companion. You get a guard dog, a playmate for your children, and a happy, intelligent family member who will give you endless amounts of pure love. Are you ready to get a German Shepherd?

Colors and types

Regarding the type and color of a German Shepherd, you will get a variety. German shepherds are usually available in 11 colors. This eventually gives you a wide range of colors to choose from. You just pick your favorite color, and you will enjoy having the German shepherd around. However, the color does not change the personality of the German shepherds. Whatever color you get, you should know that their good and loving personality remains.

Great show and working dogs

When you have a German shepherd, you have a guarantee that you have a great show dog. Their attractive and intelligent nature makes them good for a show. Training them for a show will be very easy since they are very active. German Shepherds are perfect in terms of energy. That makes them great working dogs. They are active all the time, and they do well in dog jobs. They are great drug sniffers, guard dogs, and also herders. You will have to do is show them how to do it.

Easy to train

The character that makes it easy to train German shepherds is their intelligence, activeness, and obedience. They are good at following instructions. German Shepherds do what you tell them to do. Therefore, in case you need to train them on how to do various jobs, it will only take a few days. Their intelligence makes them well responsive to proper training. Since they are fast learners, training your dog will be super easy. Just tell them or do what they need to do, and they will follow what you say or do. Consider paying a professional dog trainer because they would really know how to train and guide dogs to follow commands.

Attractive and require minimal bathing

You will love having a German shepherd mix as a pet. Their attractiveness is just on another level. They have great fur than needing minimal bathing. Most number of time to bath a German shepherd breed is just 4 times every year. Bathing them more than that may lead to a negative effect on their coat. All you need to do is brush their fur a little bit. They also don’t have an awful smell. If you note a little smell, just use dog deodorant.

Energetic and Intelligent dog breeds

German shepherd’s intelligence allows them to make great choices. A German shepherd will know when he/she is in danger. They know how to react to a different situation. A German shepherd will not be harsh if he doesn’t sense danger or a threat. They are also energetic, making them the best herders. Besides having a loving companion with proper obedience training, your shepherd can become an excellent guard dog.

All-weather dogs

German shepherd dog will do well in any type of weather. It doesn’t matter whether it is hot or cold, their energy and personality never change. Pet german shepherds have a double coat, which makes the all weather-resistant. However, they can feel when it is hot and cold. Therefore, when they are feeling too hot or cold, which happens on rare occasions, just find a way to make them comfortable.

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Disadvantages of Owning German Shepherds

As far as food, they do require a bit more expensive quality of food. This financial investment in food for a proper diet is one of the cons of owning a German Shepherd mix. However, you will love their black and tan hair looks. They also have a lot of energy.

Besides being a bit of a high maintenance dog, this particular breed tends to get nervous and overprotective. They are super active dogs that want to participate and spend time in all your personal house activities. Also, they can be aggressive towards strangers.

Both male and female german shepherds have a history of hip dysplasia problems that can lead to a costly procedure. If you’re looking for a pooch with a less bad health history, consider Border Collies or Belgian shepherd. There are other problems involving their ears.

There are different types of german shepherds mixes. As first-time dog owners, a mixed breed German shepherd puppy would be a great addition as long as you feel comfortable knowing that your pooch will grow into a strong, loyal dog.

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Wrapping It Up

You will never get enough of having a German shepherd puppy around. With a German shepherd, you will never have to worry about danger since they are very responsive to different situations and in different ways. Some consider them to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. The Kennel Club is another great source for more breed information.

Both males and females have a great loving personality that makes them loyal to their families. It could be a perfect fit for those looking for a mountain dog. Other similar breeds are the Doberman pinscher and the Belgian malinois. We recommend looking for responsible breeders for these particular dogs to avoid major health issues. I mean, a German shepherd is quite a catch.

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