Greyhound Pit Mix (What You Need to Know About Them?)

Greyhound-Pit-MixHave you ever wanted to own a Greyhound Pit mix? Before you start adopting or purchasing one from a reputable breeder, you’ll need to learn all about the breed and if they are a good dog for you and your household. This is to ensure that you can care for the Greyhound and Pit mix and that you both won’t have a difficult time together.

To help you our, read on to learn about this beautiful mix!

What You Need to Know About the Greyhound Pit Mix

What You Need to Know About the Greyhound Pit Mix

The Greyhound and Pit Mix is commonly known as the Greybull Pit. Its origins are unknown, but the parent breeds are both the Greyhound and Pitbull, resulting in a strong dog that can grow as tall as 30 inches and weigh as heavy as 85 pounds!

Female Greybull’s would grow as tall as 18 inches, while male Greybull’s grow between 17 to 30 inches, depending on their genes.

There is not much information on the exact appearance. You may consider the appearance of both the hybrid’s parents to know what they look like. Typically, the Greybull is stocky and muscular for its size. They would have the longer body of a Greyhound, as well as the squarish head and thick neck. Greybull’s would inherit the likeness and temperament of the Pitbull.

Usually, Greybull’s would have brown eyes and a black nose. They have a straight and medium coat, which is easy to maintain with daily brushing.Caring For A Greyhound and Pit Mix

As for its attitude, the Greybull will again inherit it from their parents. Pitbulls are confident and courageous but also love people. They are also stubborn but loyal. As for the Greyhound, they are usually social and independent, with the intelligence and sensitiveness to tension wherever they are. They are also excellent hunters, and just like the Pitbull, they are stubborn.

With that being said, the hybrid will have an excellent combination of these temperaments! Greybull’s are loyal and intelligent, though they’ll require training as early as possible since they can get quite stubborn. Either way, they are great with children and adults, with the energy and lovable charm that anyone will love. They are quite active and must be kept busy (exercise and training), as they misbehave when bored!

Caring For A Greyhound and Pit Mix

Now that you know what a Greyhound Pit mix is, how can you take care of them properly? Here are tips to follow:

  •   When feeding your Greybull, they will require three cups a day. This may need to be adjusted according to his age, health condition, or activity levels.
  • Because they are very active dogs, it’s best to walk them for around one hour a day. If you don’t have time to walk him around, then playing or participating in other forms of exercise for one hour a day is essential. Keep him busy, because like mentioned, they may misbehave when left idle. I recommend that you keep him in the large yard for him to play around in while you are busy. Also, allow him to be with family and play around!
  • Greybull’s mind the cold. They should not be left outside during severe weather for long periods of time.
  • Greybull’s have easy coats to maintain. They do shed, which is why it’s best to brush him with a slicker brush once a day to avoid loose fur around the house. The dog won’t need to be often bathed, as they don’t emit an odor. BUT, remember to brush their teeth daily, as they are known to have poor dental health. Also, have their nails checked for any damage or injury since they love playing and running around.

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Greyhound and Pit Mix

Greyhound and Pit Mix

Greyhound and Pit Mix

Greyhound and Pit Mix

Greyhound and Pit Mix

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To Sum It Up

The Greyhound Pit mix may look to be a handful, but these loyal and protective dogs are perfect for any household. While you may need to take caution when caring for them (they can get quite aggressive), you’ll still create amazing memories. Just take care of these dogs correctly and with love, and they will return the favor.

I hope that this article on Greybull’s helped you. So if you feel like this mix is perfect for you, then start searching for reputable breeders today! If you have any questions or share your experiences, comment below!

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