French Bulldog In Colorado: All You Need to Know

Are you planning to buy a French Bulldog in Colorado? These are such adorable dogs, though you need to make sure you learn everything you know about them! By learning how they’re like, you’ll know if they’re the right dog for you and how to choose reputable breeders.

That’s why I did the research and an ultimate guide to French Bulldogs to help you out. So read on as I show you a guide to French Bulldogs and buying them around the Colorado area.

What to Know About French Bulldogs?

Before we get into purchasing a French Bulldog in Colorado, I want to share to you some facts! After all, getting a new dog is no joke, and you have to do your research about them to understand what they’re like.

A Brief History

I’m sure everyone knows why French Bulldogs (or lovingly called Frenchies) are so popular today: It’s because of their ears and interestingly unique face! The birth of the French Bulldog all started with Toy Bulldogs, who were very popular around England.

How did they get their iconic looks? After breeding toy bulldogs with pugs and terriers, which led to their bat-ears and smashed face. As they continued to become even more popular, they were then called French Bulldog, gaining attention in Paris and France.

As they continued to grow in popularity within France, they are now one of the most wanted dogs around the world!

French Bulldog Facts

What is there to know and love about the French Bulldog? Here are some of their physical characteristics. The French Bulldogs are about 11-13 inches tall, weighing about 28 pounds or less.

Besides their signature bat ears, they have a stocky body type with a short and smooth coating (usually white or fawn). Frenchies are also known for their wrinkly face and short nose, matched with a large square head.

As for their temperament, French Bulldogs are highly intelligent and well-tempered. They have higher levels of alertness, making them great security dogs! But, they’re sociable and love to get along with fellow animals and people, making them lovable as they are protective.

Take note that while they are very alert, they’re very calm and quiet, always watching. So efficient training and adequate exercise are needed to hone their security and social skills.

As for their health, they are, unfortunately, at risk with respiratory problems because of their flat face. But expect them to have a lifespan of up to 12 years if taken cared for well.

Why Get a French Bulldog?

Getting a French Bulldog In Colorado

Because a French Bulldog has some specific health issues, why are they awesome dogs to own? Well, there are many great reasons why you’ll want a French Bulldog in Colorado yourself:

1. They Are Loving

French Bulldogs have such an upbeat and affectionate personality, making them extremely loving dogs towards their owners. They make the best companions because they’re the type to always be happy and excited around your presence. So if you want a companion who will love you forever regardless, French Bulldogs will.

2. They Are Quiet and Chill

If you don’t like dogs who yap a lot and want your peace, a French Bulldog’s a great choice. They are chill and quiet dogs who stay calm unless on high alert from any potential threat. It’s what makes them a great dog for the condo or apartment, you won’t bother anyone.

3. They Are Easy to Maintain

A French Bulldog has a short coating, which makes them easier to groom as they require occasional brushing only. Furthermore, they are easygoing and intelligent, easier to train in just about anything. This is the reason why many recommend French Bulldogs for first-time dog owners because they’re that easy to care for!

4. They Tolerate the Cold

Those who want to own French Bulldog, Colorado residents are going to love this advantage! A Frenchie is filled with thick body fat, so they can stay well-insulated even during the cold weather and snow. They love snowy weather and it doesn’t affect their health at all, showing how great they are for colder climates.

5. They Are Loyal and Protect

French Bulldogs are extremely affectionate as mentioned above, so they are as loving as they are loyal towards their owners. And because they are loyal and very protective, a Frenchie will make sure that no stranger bothers you or intrudes. They are your small yet strong guard dogs who will love you for life!

Where to Find French Bulldog Breeders Colorado

If you’re looking for French Bulldogs breeders, Colorado is home to many of them. But with the many different breeders, it can get difficult to look for the right one. While I’ll be getting into how to choose a breeder, this section focuses on where you can find them.

1. Kennels or Organizations

Official kennels and organizations would usually have a list of registered breeders under their name. These breeders are highly reputable and known to sell genuine dogs without any issues. But do take note they charge more than other breeders!

You’ll be able to find this list of breeders from your local American Kennel Club or equally reputable organizations and kennels. Besides visiting the physical office of these kennels and organizations, you can search on their official websites as well. This makes the search quicker and without much of a hassle.

Organizations like PETA or reputable and established websites would also have lists of responsible dog breeders. Some websites can also narrow down your search according to your location and the type of dog breed you want.

2. Sole Breeders

I’m not against solo breeders who aren’t registered under clubs and organizations. But you DO have to be wary of their advertisements and choose the right individual breeder. I’ll be getting into choosing a genuine French Bulldog in the next section so watch out for that.

With solo breeders, you’re able to find it online or through recommendations from loved ones. Some also have physical advertisements or are already established as breeders in Colorado. You can either inquire on social media or ask trusted sources for breeders they have worked with before.

3. Vet or Professional Recommendations

If you’re looking for more recommendations from more trusted professionals, I recommend that you ask the local veterinarian. Some animal professionals outside organizations and kennels would have contacts they can recommend. While other veterinarians may not have any leads, it’s still worth a shot to ask them.

4. Searching Online

The Internet is such a wonderful place filled with a lot of information, including info about dog breeders. Besides the suggestions mentioned above, you can simply search for dog breeders around your area. It will then show a list of breeders or advertisements of French Bulldogs for sale.

This can make your search easier, though you have to make sure that you filter out any suspicious posts. This prevents wasting your time, efforts, AND money. I’ll share more about what type of advertisements to avoid to help weed out scammers!

How Are French Bulldog Puppies Colorado?

I mentioned if you’re having French Bulldog puppies, Colorado is a great place to live in with them. If you’re a Colorado resident and want to know what to expect with this dog breed, here are some things to anticipate!

2-3 Weeks Old

This is the puppies’ newborn stage, and during this time, they can’t see, smell, or hear anything at all. It’s during this first few weeks that they only begin to open their senses, only focusing on food and sleep. They will only move to crawl for food or “play” with their siblings, so don’t expect a ton of action!

3-4 Weeks Old

This stage is the start of when their senses open and begins to develop, so expect the puppies to move! They become even more adventurous and love to go around, recognizing their surroundings.

Soon, they’ll also begin to know their family, including you! However, they should stay close with their mom and siblings, so no strangers visiting just yet.

4-7 Weeks Old

This is an important stage for your puppy, as this is when social development kicks in.

It’s the time they learn how to play with their siblings, as well as when their mom weans off milk. Furthermore, their mom would teach them basic dog behavior, treated as their leader. This is time to begin introducing puppy food to them.

8-12 Weeks Old

The puppy will soon begin to learn about fear, becoming nervous and anxious. May it be loud noises or the stairs, they will start feeling scared and that’s totally normal!

This means that it’s time for potty training and to teach them basic commands. It can help lessen the fear and have them feel more at home, just avoid being too strict!

3-4 Months Old

We can call this stage the time your puppy would rebel, wanting more independence and disobeying commands. While their rebellion’s irritating, avoid being too harsh, but to follow positive reinforcements.

Also, this is their biting stage, requiring stricter training this time to prevent it from becoming a habit. Just continue daily training and exercises to keep them from rebelling even more.

4-6 Months Old

Unfortunately, French Bulldog puppies still don’t stop rebelling from the last stage! As they grow older, they have a mind of their own and will look for independence.

Besides this, they will begin teething as well, so make sure they have chew toys to feel comfortable. Even stricter training and exercises should be done to prevent any injuries or nasty bites.

6 Months and Older

Now, this is the time they step into adulthood but continue to learn something every day!

How to Choose a French Bulldog For Sale In Colorado

If there’s another fact to know about a French Bulldog for sale, Colorado has breeders you can purchase from. BUT, they are quite expensive and surely you won’t want to waste your money on scams. That’s why it’s crucial to choose your breeders wisely and make sure that they have a genuine French Bulldogs to love.

If you’re looking for French Bulldog breeders in Colorado, follow these tips.

1. Do Your Research

Some of us interested French Bulldog owners would simply search online and choose the first thing we see. That shouldn’t be how you choose a dog, you’ll need to take your time doing research! Look into each advertisement you come across before making a decision on who to buy from.

Be wary of purchasing from brokers and importers, especially those who want payment first. Most likely, these are scams and they would leave with your money after payment! Go for visits and physical meetings to know they are legit and to see the puppies yourself.

2. Look At The Prices

Avoid any sales gimmicks from breeders who might be claiming rarity or exotic just to sell. Some “breeders” would advertise that their French Bulldogs are extremely rare with unique colors. Take note that colors do not change the prices or how “good” the Frenchie is!

Also, don’t try to look at cheap deals that look too good to be true. Remember with dogs, you get what you pay for and something too cheap may be fake. If you come across Frenchies that are just a few hundred bucks, chances are that they’re not genuine.

3. Check The Ad Photos Carefully

Breeders NEED to post photos of both the parents and litter to show the authenticity of the breed. If the advertisements you’re looking at have no photos at all, then skip it and move to the next ad. However, you should also be wary about the photos posted, since some can be stolen off the Internet!

Again, it’s best to avoid breeders who sell Frenchies with “rare colors,” or those who don’t allow meetings.

4. Ask For Certifications

Of course, some French Bulldog puppies won’t have their certifications right away to prove their legitimacy. But, you can ask the breeders for certifications of the puppies’ parents. They should have all the valid certifications so you know that their offspring are genuine.

Furthermore, talk to the breeder about health guarantees and cases on returning the puppy. If they disallow written contracts or aren’t willing to take dogs back, then that’s pretty sketchy and a huge NO. Breeders should take responsibility for their sold dogs.

5. Search For Reputable Breeders or Kennels

As I mentioned before, you need to make sure that the breeders you do choose to work with are registered. A quick search online or contact the local American Kennel Club will help.

Yes, those registered are more expensive than individual breeders, with a huge price difference sometimes. However, you’re paying for excellent care of the parents and puppies, as well as assurance you have a genuine Frenchie. That’s why I highly recommend that you focus on breeders who are highly commended and with certifications.

How to Care For French Bulldogs In Colorado

French Bulldog In Colorado

Now that you know all about finding French Bulldog puppies for sale Colorado, the next question is: How can you care for them properly? If you’re a first-time French Bulldog owner, follow these tips to make sure they are well-taken cared of!

Diet and Exercise

For a French Bulldog’s diet, never give them human food and keep the diet consistent. It should be nutritious dog food appropriate his their age, something they prefer and is appetizing to them.

As for their exercise, they need daily exercise but in shorter durations and less intensity. Start off slow and avoid overdoing it, especially as they have breathing and overheating problems. When exercising French Bulldog puppies, Colorado is a great place for coldness, though prepare them with layers for protection.

Grooming and Care

Fortunately, a French Bulldog is low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, requiring brushes only once a week. Besides this, you also have to brush their teeth at least thrice a week to prevent dental problems. As for her ears, clean them once a week with gentle cotton buds.

I recommend that you do weekly checks on her facial drinks and eyes. If there is any debris collected around the creases, clean them gently.

Keeping Her Healthy

Again, a French Bulldog is susceptible to a number of diseases which can affect their lifespan. Because of this, you have to make sure that you prevent such conditions from happening with vaccinations and routine checkups.

Groom them well to prevent dental diseases, and provide proper diet and exercise for healthier joints and obesity prevention. Make sure your Frenchie feels loved to prevent any stress-related illnesses and mental health problems as well.

Give Them Love and Attention

And of course, make sure that you give them the perfect amount of love and attention they need. Like humans, French Bulldogs want their feelings to be reciprocated, so make sure you spend time with them!

Don’t ignore them when they want attention, cuddle and give them praises. Showing your love will make them loyal, protective, and very amazing lifetime companies in the long run.

Wrapping It Up

When you want a French Bulldog, Colorado has many reputable breeders to trust. However, you need to make sure you know all about the breed you’re getting and how to choose one. That way, you have a wonderful French Bulldog in Colorado Springs or anywhere around the area, you’ll love for life!

I hope this article all about the French Bulldog in Colorado helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and take the proper steps in getting the right dog for you now. If you have any questions or want to share more about French Bulldogs, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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    This puppy has two hereditary issues thus far. One of his testicals did not drop down. Hereditary issue. I just found out saturday that my puppy is going blind from a hereditary disease (Retinal Atrophy detachment).

    I paid $3,000.00 dollars for a guaranteed healthy puppy and 10 months later I have a special needs puppy. Needless to say that my heart is broken, but I will still give my fur son the best life possible, but this is not right.

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        We also recommend reading our Merle French Bulldog post. Tip: Once you acquire a Frenchie, you can get an AKC registration. You can visit them online and get any dogs and puppies AKC registered. Feel free to visit our contact page.

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