Why You Need To Buy A Stop Dog Barking Device

No matter our unconditional love for our best friends, there are times when they can be too annoying. At the top of this annoying list is their tendency to bark endlessly at times. Occasional barks are fine, but those that seem to have a barking problem are the real issue.

In the past, it has been quite impossible to solve this behavioral problem. But not anymore, thanks to technology. Nowadays you can find a stop dog barking device that can help alleviate your problems.


What Is A Stop Dog Barking Device?

First of all, I think all dogs bark. But if yours doesn’t, then could we swap? Even for the Huskies who love to howl every now and then, that could be their form of barking. To stop your dog from barking unnecessarily, a stop dog barking device was invented to help you out.

An anti-barking device works by teaching your dog the consequences of their actions. The dog learns that every time he barks, there is a negative thing that happens. However, it is important to note that these “negative things” are very humane even though dogs hate them.

These devices were invented to be used for training hunting dogs. Their popularity grew and it soon became apparent that they could be useful in instilling discipline in domestic pups too.

The principles of operation have changed over time, with different types currently available. Their purposes have remained the same; to stop your dog from barking.

Types of Anti-Barking Devices

There are three types of anti-barking devices currently available. Here is a lay down of these types.

Sound Emitters

These are the most common types out there. Apparently, there are certain high-pitched sounds that only dogs can hear. Once dog barks are detected by the sound emitters, the sounds are produced in response.

It is these sounds that are very irritating to dogs, just as their barks are to us. Sound emitters produce the ultrasonic sounds from either a remote or collar device.

The high-pitched sounds catch the dogs unawares with the unpleasantries, forcing them to stop. But if the barking continues, the sound intensity increases to the dog’s tipping point. Don’t worry; the levels are still within humane and safe limits until the barking stops.

Anti-Barking Collar

This category is almost similar to the sound emitter in terms of principle. The main differences are that the high-pitched sounds are replaced by a minor electric shock. Additionally, the collar is won on the neck while the sound emitter can be remote on the collar.

The jolt of shock is produced by the collar once it senses barking from the dog. In the past, there have been complaints of the inhumane nature of the shocks. Newer designs are however much safer, only producing just enough shock to surprise the dog.

You need to take care not to misuse this anti-barking device. At times, the dog might become more aggressive and fearful when experiencing the “shocks”.

Anti-Barking Sprays

Who knew that the citronella odor could be powerful enough to stop dogs from barking when they need not to? Certain types of devices use this principle to spray citronella-infused water into a dog’s face every time they start to bark.

The annoying scent leads the dog into submission. Continued barks are followed by continued sprays. Eventually, the dog learns to associate barking with the irritating odor and stops barking.

Are These Devices Safe to a Dog’s Health?

Plenty of debates exist in many dog owners’ forums about the safety of anti-barking devices. Of particular concern are the humane levels of the high-pitched sounds, the minor jolt of shock and the spray.

However, provided you buy a high quality one and use it sparingly then your best friend should be alright. It is always how these devices are used that should be of a bigger concern. Overusing them ultimately exposes your dog to more risks.

Dog barking is a natural behavior. It is their way of communicating to us their excitement, fear or as an alert. Do not set out to stop this behavior altogether.

Only use the devices when the barking is prolonged and for no apparent reason. Another way of ensuring dog safety is to use the device sparingly. Having an anti-barking collar the whole day is just wrong, no matter the reasons. Do not let the collar be a permanent fixture on his neck.

For more success with their usage, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the device. Then, gently and sparingly use the device just for training purposes.

Are There Any Alternatives to Stop Dog Barking Device?

The above discussed techniques appear more like a punishment to a dog. For this reason, they do not go down well with some dog owners. If you are one of those, then you may want to consider some gentler alternatives before using the anti-barking devices.

First, it is best to determine the reason for the excessive barking. Is it territorial or is it just a case of too much energy? If it is territorial, then you need to train the dog to be more social with those around. Let him meet people, other dogs or walk around the neighborhood.

But if the exuberance is as a result of an over-abundance of energy, then you need to exercise the dog more. There is usually an accompanying destructive behavior such as chewing, jumping and digging.

Lastly, there are dogs that bark simply for no reason at all. I call these the attention seeker types. For such, ignoring them is the best obedience training method. Soon, they will realize that no one is bothered with their barks, then stop altogether.

Discourage the dog from barking unnecessarily

A stop dog barking device is a beneficial ways of getting a dog to stop barking when there is no reason to. They are mostly harmless, easy to use, safe for humans and some can even be used remotely. The key is to use them when it’s absolutely necessary such as when you have tried the alternatives in vain.

Last Updated on 29/11/2023 by Karen Snow