Guardian Home For Dogs And Puppies (Male And Female)

Have you been looking to buy a new dog? Perhaps the opportunity has come up that would allow your family to become an integral part of someone else’s dog. If you are not sure what that entails, it’s time to become familiar with the term “Guardian Family”.

A guardian home program is a fantastic way for experienced pet owners to bring home an expensive breed that they would not otherwise be able. What is the only downside?

You need suitable housing and plenty of experience with animals. But what exactly does it mean to be a Guardian Home for dogs, and should you become one? Here’s everything you need to know.

What does Guardian home mean for dogs?

A Guardian Home is, quite simply, a home that provides care for an animal until they are ready to be placed in a forever home. The role of a Guardian Home is to socialize and provide training to the animal so that they can be successfully adopted.

Many rescue organizations use Guardian Homes as a way to save more animals, as it allows them to place animals temporarily in loving homes while they continue their search for their forever home.

The guardian dog thrives since he or she receives all the attention they or require from their guardian home. A breeding program is beneficial to all parties because breeders can reduce the cost of their breeding-related expenses, and guardians get a puppy and some cash incentives.

What is a guardian family?

Guardian family with a puppy male

A Guardian Family is a person or family who agrees to care for and watch a breeder’s dog. When you agree to take on the responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog, it is a big commitment.

You need to know that there are legal obligations and some restrictions that come along with guardianship. Guardianship contracts are often unfair and difficult to understand. If you have any questions about your agreement, consult with an experienced lawyer.

The guardian family program will remain the owner of the dog and will be responsible for any medical decisions or treatments. The breeder could take your pet back if you don’t fulfill the terms of the contract.

Health testing and high-quality food are generally the responsibility guardian family, but you will receive some type of compensation. You can find a guardian program that will pay to completely health test the puppy if that is a big concern with you.

When Guardian families are selected, the dogs will be given a chance to stay in their homes until the new loving family comes to pick them up. When the breeder gives a puppy, they retain breeding rights for a certain period of time.

Can you become a guardian home and get paid?

If you want to become a Guardian Home, you will need to meet certain requirements. Each guardian home program will have its own specific guidelines, but there are some general things that you will need to keep in mind.

Most importantly, you must be able to provide a wonderful life and a loving home environment for the dog. You will also need to have a safe and secure place for the dog to stay, as well as a backyard or some other space so that the puppy can get some regular exercise done.

To get paid, you will likely need to sign a contract with the breeder. This contract will outline the specific responsibilities, and it can include things like training basic commands, regular grooming, avoiding kennels, and socializing the puppy with other animals and people.

The guardian home program contract will also stipulate how long you will have the dog, as well as other clauses to prevent things like:

  • Intact males prevention during the heat cycle
  • Rights for certain breeding years
  • Maintain the health and well being of the puppies
  • Unlimited access to the dog
  • Purchase quality based dog food
  • Be treated as an indoor dog
  • Socialize with other dogs or puppies
  • Drop off the pet at the breeder’s home if needed
  • Allow visits during the first year of the assess puppies
  • Prove that your home has a fenced yard

What is a guardian contract dog?

A guardian contract is an agreement between a breeder and a family who agree to take care of pets until the puppies are weaned. It establishes things like the due date, responsibilities, interactions during heat cycles, and duration of guardianship.

The guardian program is designed to provide guardians with the opportunity to have a young adult or puppy without the financial burden of ownership. It will allow you to bring home an expensive breed like the Australian Labradoodles for almost zero pet price.

If you are interested in a guardian home program, you should be cautious before signing a final contract. A key point to ask would be if they will pay for all breeding-related costs, including dog food, vet visits, neuter surgery, health testing, DNA profiling, and any other medical expenses that may come up.

Why do breeders use guardian homes?

A puppy that need a fover home

A dog deserves to live a wonderful life. They don’t want to keep the dog living in a kennel. That is why they are interested in finding prospects that are willing to keep their puppies in their own home.

This way, they save their space just for breeding purposes. Establishing a guardian dog program gives them the flexibility to reduce labor costs and other expenses.

Additionally, by using a guardian home program, the company has more control over the environment in which their dogs socialize. This includes the limitation of male and female interaction during their career.

How to find a good breeding program?

Breeding dogs is not an easy task, and it’s important to find a reputable program that is willing to answer any questions you may have.

A good place to start is by asking your veterinarian or other dog owners where they would recommend getting a new puppy. Once you’ve found one, you can set up appointments to visit their facilities.

When do female breeding dogs retire?

A dogs breeding career or breeding age could span 4 to 6 years. Most of the time, the pets won’t start their first cycle until they’re at least a year old. Females can have their first heat cycle as early as 6 months to 1 year of age.

How many litters can female adult dogs produce? The number of “pick of the litter” pups varies depending on the breed, litter size, and the quality of the pups. A dog could have 1-2 litters a year.

During their lifetime, they will produce an average of 10 litters, with the exception of some breeds like the Australian Labradoodles that will have no more than four litters throughout their bred career.

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