Ideal Pet Products 80 Fast Fit Aluminum Pet Patio Door

Ideal Pet Products 80

by: Ideal Pet Products 764++ Reviews

The aluminum frame structure of the Ideal Pet Products Pet Patio Door, which is 80 inches in height, contributes to the door’s decreased weight and increased longevity.

Only sliding aluminum patio doors are compatible with its one-of-a-kind design, which is an exclusive feature. In addition, you won’t require any tools in order to make it fit.

Because this pet door has a flap that measures 7 inches by 11.25 inches, it is possible for your pets to enter the room. In addition to being flexible and see-through, this flap is constructed from vinyl.

The frame has a satin silver finish, which works very well with the motif you have chosen for your house. A safety glass that has been tempered is an excellent addition.

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Popularity: 9.4
Quality:      9.5
Opinions:   9.2
Indicators:  9.2

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