Best Dorm Pets For College Students (Top Picks)

Pets are what make us happy because every person needs attention. This is especially true for some students who have a lot of stress during college studies. A small pet can create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in a college dorm. Down below have a list of the best dorm pets.

Unfortunately, not every animal can be kept in conditions that a student is ready to organize. That is why you should approach this issue wisely and choose an animal that does not create additional problems for you or other students.

Should college students have pets?

College is a source of endless stress for any student. A small pet can help you deal with this. But is it legal in your college? Before you have any pets, you need to consult with the administration and obtain formal permission. This is not a mandatory rule for every college, but it would be better to inform someone about your intentions in advance.

Then you can be sure that your actions are completely legal. On the moral side, pets are always a plus because you can feel more comfortable and shift your focus away from everyday problems to something cute and friendly. However, some extracurricular standards limit the range of pets available to you.

Best Pets to Keep in the College Dorm

As a rule, these should not be large animals or predators. A small pet should not pose a potential hazard to anyone in your college dorm. If these conditions are met, then you can enjoy the company of the animal.


Fish picture for reference

Fishes are ideal pets that you can keep in your college dorm. The point is that they are absolutely silent that do not require much maintenance. All you need is to buy an aquarium of the appropriate size, pick the right food and special equipment to keep the water clean. You only need to periodically change the water, clean the aquarium, and nothing else.

It’s worth noting that most fish are inexpensive so that you won’t be spending too much money. But you should understand that too many fish require regular care and additional activities with cleaning the aquarium. It is better to choose several fish that will create a minimum of trouble for you.


Nice Trachemys turtle with a classic green lookSmall turtles are the second and one of the safest pet options. Many college students buy turtles for themselves to get moral and aesthetic pleasure from interacting with them. As a rule, these pets do not consume much food and do not require any significant care. You only need to buy a glass container where you will place your turtle when you are away. Then this guarantees you the complete safety of your pet.

Besides, there are many instructions for figuring out how to care for such animals. Almost every pet store has turtles so that you can buy this in your city. Another plus is that turtles live long enough. That is why this can be your pet for many years or even decades. Another plus is their compactness. Turtles from pet stores are very small, and you don’t have to buy an oversized glass container.


Cute European Hamster for your collegedorm

If you want to buy something cute and fluffy, then you can pay attention to hamsters. These rodents are quite small in size, and you can buy a special cage for them, which will be an excellent element of the interior in your college dorm. There are some breeds of hamsters that practically do not stink and behave, not aggressive. Buy a cage of the right size, take care of a healthy diet, and change sawdust in time to keep your pet comfortable.

As a rule, you can choose a special vitamin complex that will reduce the risk of disease in hamsters and extend their lifespan to the maximum. It is a very cute creature that does not make a lot of noise, so you will not interfere with other students. This option is very relevant, especially if several people live in the room with you.


A Lizard looking directly at you

A lizard is an excellent pet type that needs a special glass container. It even can live without the owner’s special attention. You can feed such a pet with insects, worms, or any other nutritional supplement your veterinarian advice. As a rule, lizards are small in size, and some of them are rather passive. You can choose the kind that is not very active to keep it in your college dorm.

Another plus is that this is an absolutely silent animal that practically does not give any sound. That is why they will not interfere with other students. And you will feel as comfortable as possible. Naturally, you cannot leave the lizard on the floor so that it can walk around the room without problems. Nevertheless, it is a good pet that is inexpensive and causes a minimum hassle to any owner.

Hermit crabs

Picture of a Hermit crab are good dorm pets

If you are tired of obvious pets, then how about hermit crabs? These creatures have a very extravagant look that you and your friends will love. Another plus is that these creatures eat quite a bit, and you can save on such expenses. You also need a very small transparent container. These creatures do not require significant medical attention, are not aggressive, and require minimal amenities. Leave your crab in a container, and it won’t be a hassle for your roommates.

Crabs are very original creatures that are interesting to watch. You can even interact with it with a stick or string. If you bring several crabs at once, then these creatures will experience less stress and will be able to enjoy communication with each other. You can also add to your collection of original photographs while feeding the crabs.

Pipidae Frog

Picture of a regular frog dorm pets

If you love amphibians, then the Pipidae frog is what you need. These frogs are pretty, and you can store them in glass containers. Another plus is that these frogs do not eat very many insects so that you can save on their daily diet. And you do not need to take these frogs to the veterinarian as they live quite shortly and practically do not get sick. Create a safe environment where this amphibian can live every day.

Naturally, you can take this frog in your arms and interact with it. Just remember to put it back in the glass container so it doesn’t run off somewhere. The fact is that someone can step on a frog, and this will not be the most pleasant event in your life. As long as you stick to safety precautions and buy the right glass container, you won’t have a problem with having one in college.

Roman Snail

Crawling common roman snail

This type of snail is not the most obvious choice as a pet. Nevertheless, it is a good option for introverts who do not want to spend much time on any living thing in their room. The main plus is that these snails eat very little and do not require a lot of space to live. It is also a fairly cheap animal that does not require significant maintenance. Besides, this snail type is very original, and you can even start an Instagram page to talk about your pet’s life.


A huge pet spider picture

College officials generally do not prohibit students from purchasing spiders as pets. The only caveat is that most spiders are poisonous. This is why you need to buy these pets from specialized veterinary stores. You should make sure that the spider does not have chelicerae and cannot bite you or any of your friends.

If all the medical activities are completed, then this is a great pet, albeit quite frightening. However, you should consider purchasing a glass container where your spider will live. It shouldn’t run all over the room. After all, you can harm it or lose your pet. The main plus is that you can leave special driftwood in the glass aquarium and create a whole panorama of stones or any plants to enjoy the activities of your spider every day.

Four-Toed Hedgehog

A white Four-toed Hedgehog are nice dowm pets

Want to be the most original student among your friends? Then a four-toed hedgehog will suit you best. This is an artificially bred species of hedgehogs which is not in the wild. Such animals can live up to 5 years and are very friendly.

Another plus of such an animal for a student is the almost complete absence of smell or bad habits. You can even feed this hedgehog with cat food. Such animals are very unpretentious and quite peaceful. You can count that this pet practically does not show aggression if you are gentle and caring with him.

No matter which animal you choose, you must act wisely. First of all, you do not need to take predators or pets that make too much noise. Also, you should not forget about the specific smell and animal habits. It is best to choose some compromise option that will deliver the least hassle to you and your friends. Then your student life will be much more fun and less uncomfortable due to the need to keep an eye on someone else.


Your pet can be a great inspiration, even for college essays. If you do not have any idea how to go about your pet essay, you can visit They have great examples that can help you get started. However, before moving or buying a pet for your dorm, please make you check with the administration. Do not violate any dorm rule.

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