Dog Hygiene 101: Tips and Hacks That Really Work

Keeping your pooch at tip-top shape is not that cheap… and it can be a great hassle at times too. It’s fun having a pet at home, but it could only get better if hygiene is a better reach. The good news is: it’s possible! Dog grooming and keeping your dog hygienic can get as easy as it can be.

Pet parents should have consistency when it comes to their dog care and hygiene. Sometimes relying on professional grooming can be critical when the dogs owners do not have the time. Also, keeping your pet dental health in good shape can help avoid periodontal disease.

Top Tips and Hacks to Keep Your Dog Clean

Regular bath not a professional grooming service

Keep a Doggy Calendar

I understand you have a lot of responsibilities at home and at work. Sometimes, you just can’t keep everything perfectly lined up in your head. There are just days that you can’t help but miss that grooming session you scheduled a month ago.

Tackle this problem head-on with a straightforward solution: A doggy calendar personalized just for your dog’s particular needs. It makes your life easier by maintaining your dogs hair coat and the nails trimmed. Also, consistency in bath time prevents itchy skin, an infection in your dogs ears.

You can even customize a schedule on your phone accompanied by an alarm that can remind you about the appointment a day before your program with the vet or animal hospital. Clean the dogs eye when you see accumulated eye boogers.

Your Dog’s Bed Needs Washing

Sleeping on soiled sheets is not suitable for us humans. Sometimes, we don’t even bother changing the sheets because they “look” nice and neat. However, what we don’t see are the bacteria that build up within several weeks of usage. If your dog shows signs of itchy skin, then it is time to wash your pet bed.

This applies to dogs too. They can get infections from unchanged beddings or soiled fluffy beds. And, one more thing: this rule applies double to them. You see… we have clothing that catches the majority of the dead skin cells we extract plus the bacteria/germs. On the other hand, dogs don’t. Bodily fluids, fur, germs, dirt, dust, and the like freely fall on whatever catches them when they’re asleep.

Oh and… guess what? Cleaning your dog’s bedding will also decrease the build-up of dust and fur in your home. Isn’t that a win-win situation?

Bring Your Dog to the Local Groomer

This is the most obvious hack any pet owner can take advantage of, but some just haven’t taken some time to think about the benefits of bringing dogs to their local dog groomer. They can carefully trim your pet hair, and they can avoid hurting your dogs paws when they cut their nails.

This will solve almost all your problems. Most dogs owners, like you, can’t give enough attention to your pets because you have other things to do with your time, money, and effort. Also, improper grooming can cause severe skin conditions.

This is where your local dog groomers come in. Professional groomers are experts in what they do, and you pay them to save you time and effort… well, not on the money part, but that’s the gist of hiring them! Get your money’s worth!

There are actually a lot of advantages of hiring a dog groomer to do the dirty work for you. One important thing is that they are undoubtedly more thorough with their work. They have the right tools that need to be used in order to ensure a near-hundred percent clean and healthy pet. They will dry your dog and apply the correct dogs coat, and some will provide ear cleaning as well.

Dog Bowls are not for Water

I cannot be sorry for contradicting your old practice. Well, dog bowls have been used to contain water during their first years, but are we just going to ignore how amazing water feeders are?

Water speeds up the growth of bacteria. I am pretty sure that you don’t see water and your pet dog as a good mix. Solve this problem with an easy step: buy a water feeder. Consistent hydration can help your pet with teeth cleanings and to keep a healthy skin and coat.

If you don’t know what a water feeder is, well, it’s a fantastic invention. It works like a water dispenser for dogs. With a cotton ball by the end of its “mouth,” it allows your pet dog to drink with ease using its tongue. It somewhat resembles how a dog bowl works, but it eliminates the untidy aftermath.

Proper Potty Training to Increase Pet Hygiene

Schedule your pup’s meals. Don’t give it dog food in between meals in order to maintain a regular potty schedule. Potty training really improves any dog hygiene.

You will need to train your dog where to pee and poop as soon as possible. Why? Because once they’ve marked their territory, you’ll be having a hard time bending their established practice.

This will improve their hygiene. Some dogs will pee wherever they want, whenever they feel like it, and this can do no good when they choose to release the goodness inside the home where they sleep, eat, and play. Train them to pee and poop in the garden or at another designated area away from their personal space, which they use to eat and sleep.

Don’t Bathe Often

It may sound counter-intuitive, but bathing too much can do more harm than good. Your dog has oils on its body that keeps it clean. Now, if you rid it of these oils that keep the bacteria at bay, he’ll have more chances of developing skin problems. Dog hygiene does not mean that you need to bath your pet every day.

Bathe your dog on regular bases, but not too often. Your pooch has its own way of cleaning itself like other animals. Dogs lick themselves after any outdoor activity that invites dust to their lush fur. They’ll lick their paws to wash off soil from a fun playtime in the garden, and they’ll even lick urine from their reproductive parts.

No Need for Summer Shaving?

Beautiful dog with itchy skin

Shaving your dog is actually not advisable for some breeds. And this is good news, right? You don’t have to spend some time fighting with your dog as you try to let the razor do its magic. Some dogs and cats may require professional grooming during summertime.

You won’t need to pay for shaving services, too, if you have a veterinarian ready at your service. Most vets can provide any pet medication, especially when the dog constantly shakes the head. This could be an indication of a serious infection in the pets ears.

This may surprise you, but it’s scientifically proven. You may harm your dog if you give it a shave in the summer. Your dog may actually need its fur coat to protect it from the harsh rays of the sun. You shouldn’t cut its fur to keep it cool during the summer. Otherwise, you could risk giving it sunburns.

Put Some Clothes On

Dogs are exposed to dirt because they aren’t clothed the majority of the time like us. And, they really aren’t used to being clothed, but that was when doggie clothes weren’t around. Today, it’s still uncommon for dogs to be wearing shirts and shoes, but there are owners out there that are riding the unborn craze.

A leash, and that’ll be it! You should consider that covering your dog won’t just make your pet look more fashionable than you are, but it’ll also improve its hygiene. You don’t need to put clothes on your dog all the time. Maybe just during walks outside where dirt and dust can cling on its fur. Also, some fashion dog products can make them feel comfortable.

Give Your Dog Some Treats

Keep it steady! Give it something to chew on while you brush its fur, teeth or while you’re cutting its nails. If he has this specific favorite, be sure to have it ready when it’s time for its grooming session.

What you can do is present treats as awards for being a good doggie. Make it a habit to give your dog treats when it goes past a grooming step. Give it some jerky after cutting its dogs nails, then some after its bath, and so on.

A Massage Can Calm Your Dog Down

Instead of being rough on your pet when he doesn’t want to stay still throughout its dog grooming session, give it a relaxing massage. Rub its belly, scratch its body, its ears and all.

Being gentle on your pet when you’re grooming your dog will help it understand that you mean no harm, and what you’re doing is for its betterment. Dogs can be very wary of their surroundings, people, and things around them.

Buy Dental Chews

Dental chews are healthy for your dog’s teeth. They take the place of bones which act like dental floss for humans. Tartar builds up on your dog’s mouth, and chewing on a bone prevents it from staying in there for an unhealthy time. The pet food can influence their dental health.

Dental chews are a great hack since dogs love them. They are great treats for them and at the same time, very healthy for their teeth. They were pretty cheap too. Family dogs tend to get the periodontal disease when their pet dental health is neglected. However, brushing your dogs teeth can prevent this as long as you remember to wash them.

Tip: Include the dog name and contact owner information in their tags.

For Better Dog Hygiene Keep in Mind…

It’s crucial to keep an eye out for your dog’s health, and prevention is better than cure. Always look for signs that your pet might be suffering from unforeseen health issues. Take preventive measures… always! Your dogs will start itching if there are flea and tick on their beds. That is why it is crucial to wash their beds periodically to keep any dog clean.

Hopefully, you learned some of the dos and donts when it comes to your dog care and regular hygiene. Dog breeding can make any female owner shake her head during labor day. However, a dog or cat care press center is a must for those pets that have an infected ear canal need veterinary medicine. Read our dog training guides to teach them proper dog behavior, or any cat breed information.

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