SportDOG Brand Remote Dog Training System With Fence

SportDOG Brand Remote Dog Training System With In-Ground Fence

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Combining a number of different training tools for dogs, the SportDOG Brand remote dog training system is a comprehensive solution. It functions as a mechanism for both containing dogs and training them remotely.

You may use the underground wires to confine your dog inside a particular area while you train him to enter or exit the area. This is made possible by the device.

Every dog that weighs more than ten pounds has the potential to get advantages from using this approach. In addition to the buried wire that is one thousand feet long, you will also receive one hundred flags to use for indicating the border.

You have the ability to mark up to one and a third acres of the training area with them. Along with that, the collar is waterproof so that your dog can go outside when it is raining.

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