10 Benefits of an Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Owning a pet automatically means that you should take care of it in every way to ensure that it is comfortable without compromising your own comfort. This is enough a reason why you need to consider getting rid of the old litter box and get an automatic one.

You are probably wondering why the emphasis yet most felines find it hard to adapt to change. I agree with the fact that your pet will need help adapting to the new automatic self-cleaning litter box but it will be worth the while.

Read on and get to learn the 10 benefits of an automatic self-cleaning litter box that will warm your heart towards acquiring one for your feline friend.

Benefits of an Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

  1. You will forget the agony of picking litter box scoop

Being a parent of a lovely and happy cat is a great joy. When it comes to picking litter from the litter box, I am sure that you can attest to the fact that there is no joy in that. Acquiring an automatic self-cleaning litter box will bring you the joy of never having to scoop your litter box manually ever again.

All you will have to do is wait till the plastic bag is full of litter and you will throw it in the garbage. This is quite easy and will also protect you from the dangers you are exposed to upon contact with a cat’s urine and feces.

Always remember that every time you scoop your kitty’s litter manually, you are exposed to harmful agents such as ammonia and bacteria. Having a litter box will minimize the exposure greatly depending on the model you choose.


  1. Less litter build up

Cats are probably the cleanest animals I know. Getting stuck in a soiled litter box is definitely not pleasant for them. This could make your kitty show disobedient behavior by relieving itself in the hidden corners of your house making the house all smelly and messy.

An automatic self-cleaning litter box will ensure that your feline friend does not annoy you by pooping or urinating on your couch or in the corners of your house. With a clean place for your cat’s litter, it will be happy as it will be subjected to less stress and you will be a happy pet parent.

  1. You can now travel with less worry concerning the litter box

I bet there are times when you fail to go for trips just because you are worried about your pet’s litter box. You need not worry anymore since the automatic self-cleaning litter box has your back on that. There are a variety of automatic self-cleaning litter boxes in the market for you to choose from.

Depending on the model you choose, you can travel and be away from home for a weekend, a week or even longer without worrying about your feline friend’s litter box. You will only have to get a relative or a friend to ensure that your kitty has enough water and food. That is easy to handle.

You will no longer beg someone or even have to dish out some money to appease someone to scoop your cat’s litter box. Asking someone to scoop the litter box could easily shun your friends. For a household with only one cat, you will only need to empty the drawer after every 7 to 10 days.

For a household with multiple cats, emptying the drawer twice per week will be ideal. This could vary according to your cats since they have varying usage patterns and so you will be the judge to know the number of times you need to empty the litter box’s drawer. The bottom line is that you will be at liberty not to worry about the litter box for a couple of days.


  1. The odor from cat’s poop and urine is greatly reduced.

Cat poop and urine produce an extremely horrible odor, especially when in an enclosed place. It gets worse when you are away for a whole day or even a couple of days. If you are tired of having to persevere the odor, it is the best time for you to acquire an automatic self-cleaning litter box.

It cleans itself immediately your kitty leaves meaning that there will be no waste sitting waiting to be scooped. This helps a great deal in reducing the odor. To completely eliminate the odor, you will have to add in just a little more effort by cleaning it frequently. Get quality food for your feline friend to ensure that the cat wastes stink less.

  1. Perfect deal for a household with many cats

Having several felines will make you a happy pet parent but the task of scooping litter will get challenging. If you have several cats, an automatic self-cleaning litter box is probably one great idea for you. Be careful to select a model that is suitable for use by multiple cats.

You also need to ensure that it can be used by both small and big cat breeds. Having more cats does not mean that you will have a workload. Get an automatic self-cleaning litter box and you will be a happy parent of multiple cats.

Ensure that you frequently empty the waste drawer which is an easy task. The litter box will be clean and ready for use by all the cats. What a happy household it will be?

  1. You will not worry about your kids and other pets getting in touch with cat wastes

For a household with children and other pets, you need to consider having an automatic self-cleaning litter box. With it, you will have no worry about your child or other pets being exposed to the cat waste. Immediately your cat poops in the litter box the system cleans it immediately and deposits the waste into the drawer. The drawer keeps it enclosed and out of reach for children or other pets.

  1. Creates more time for other activities

Scooping your cat’s litter box is a tedious and demanding task. It could take well over 10 minutes to accomplish the task. The ten minutes per day add up to an hour and over per week. This is some valuable time which you could have used engaging in something else that is more enjoyable other than exposing yourself to harmful bacteria.

Getting an automatic self-cleaning litter box will give you back that valuable time and you can do some interesting things such as taking a nap, trying out a new recipe, watching some episodes of your favorite series or even bonding with your feline friend.

  1. It can be part of your saving plan

With the traditional litter boxes, litter normally settles for some time before it is scooped. This means that waste clumps will pile up over time. It gets worse when you own multiple cats since the clumps get broken by the frequent usage of the litter box.

When you decide to empty the litter box, smaller chunks of waste that are not sifted out remain on the litter box. With time, the litter starts producing odor as it gets darker. When the situation gets out of hand, most people result in dumping the litter box and starting all over again.

Getting a new litter box every other time becomes rather expensive. Having an automatic self-cleaning litter box will save you from incurring the extra cost since one can serve you for a very long period of time. You will end up saving close to a half of what you spend on your cat’s litter.

  1. Your cat gets to enjoy a clean litter box

Just as you like using a clean toilet, a cat also likes using a clean litter box. An automatic self-cleaning litter box is ideal for your kitty as it gives it a sense of comfort and safety. It is normal for a cat to reject a dirty litter box and that gives you a better reason to get an automatic self-cleaning litter box.

It cleans off the waste immediately your cat leaves the litter box. In the long run, you will have one very happy cat.

  1. Ease of use

This is the ultimate reason why you need to get an automatic self-cleaning litter box. Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are quite easy to use. Considering that there are many models availed by varying manufacturers in the market, there are those that are of high quality and do work better than others which are of low quality.

Beware of the features to look for in an automatic self-cleaning litter box just to be sure that it suits your purpose. Don’t go for a cheap product only to get frustrated. Always remember that quality and price go hand in hand.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading and learning from the article. It is evident that the 10 benefits of an automatic self-cleaning litter box offer a win-win situation for both the pet and you the pet parent. Your kitty will enjoy using a waste-free litter box every time even if you have several cats.

On the other hand, you will be happy about getting a break from scooping the smelly cat poop. Get an automatic self-cleaning litter box and that will mark a happy journey for you and your furry companion.

Kindly comment on the article and share your thoughts on the 10 benefits of the automatic self-cleaning litter box. You can also share it with other cat parents and help them live in bliss with their feline friends. Feel free to ask any question regarding the topic and I will be glad to offer assistance.

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