27 Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers (Holiday Wishes)

Christmas time brings images of stockings hanging from mantels. Believe it or not, most pet owners put up a stocking for their pets too! Dogs and cats long ago became domesticated and are just as much a part of the family now as anybody else.

That makes it easy for gift-givers as there are now a variety of options for you to consider when you are looking for fun gifts for a pet owner. From a customized blanket to dog walking services, the possibilities are endless.

If you yourself are a pet owner, think about what you would appreciate. You might be thankful if someone picked up a bag of your pet’s expensive dog food or even gave you a special vacuum cleaner to clean up those pesky pet hairs that are all over your house.

Top 27 Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

It is undoubtedly that a pet owner is as happy as their pets. As the world celebrates Christmas festive seasons, your friends need to enjoy with their pets.

Gifting any pet owner is a perfect way to make them and their furry friends happier. A great Christmas gift is memorable than telling them they are great dog fanatics, whatever pets they keep.

If you have no idea what Christmas gifts you can surprise dog lovers with, do not worry. This article will introduce to you some of the top unique Christmas gifts you can gift any pet owner. Keep reading!

1. Wireless Dog Grooming Clippers

This Wahl lithium Ion Pro Series cordless animal clippers are best used for touch-ups and trimming between slight hair clipping and groomer visits.

It is handy in grooming virtually all pets with long and silky and does its job quietly and comfortably. The clipper comes with a durable, long-lasting rechargeable battery rated two-hour run time and charges very quickly.

These grooming clippers come with colored guide combs that help you easily groom the dog’s coat in a levelized length. It easily cuts thick coats with heavy-duty power. It is such a great gift that every pet owner will love.

2. Electric Dog Door

The PetSafe Electronic dog SmartDoor features programmable selective exit, entry, and automatic locking options. It works with a waterproof SmartKey that is worn on the pet’s collar; therefore, it is only the dogs that have a SmartKey can go out and into the kennel.

This incredible door makes an excellent Christmas gift for dog lovers. Households with more than one dog will find it great because it can be programmed up to five SmartKeys.

Also, this electric door uses 4D cell batteries and will automatically lock when the dog enters the kennel. It is excellent for metal, PVC, wood, and storm interior or exterior doors.

The aluminum frame is designed with reinforced corners for multiple pets or heavy use. It is also a perfect solution if you wish to give your dog access to a place that does not have a door. The automatic pet door is the best for brick, stucco, and siding walls through its connecting tunnel.

3. Whelping Pad for Dogs

With its high-quality, quick absorbent material, this Whelping Non-Slip Dog Pads can hold up to 68 oz of liquid; therefore, you won’t get stressed about your puppy peeing.

Its top layer is light grey and will cover any stains on the whelping pee pad. Interestingly, this pad does not leak nor produce a nasty smell, hinders tracking, and will keep your cute dog dry throughout the day.

These whelping pads have a non-slip rubber backing, which maximizes doggy potty pads so that they stay on the floor. According to the manufacturer, you can wash and reuse it 300 times. Whelping pads are one of the best gifts for people who have kittens and puppies.

It measures 72 inches by 72 inches, the best for a whelping box measuring 5 inches by 5 inches. The pad is useful in training puppies pee so that you protect dogs from peeing on your carpet, floor, furniture.

4. Dog Socks for Cold Weather

One of the great ways to keep your furry friend happy is keeping them warm while proving ultimate traction. KOOLTAIL dog socks have rubber material around the bottom area, which improves the dog’s traction, especially on slippery surfaces such as tile floors.

Its rubberized area is large and offers helpful traction. These incredible socks will make a great gift for pet lovers with dogs of all ages. It can also be handy in protecting ailing dogs that find it hard to lie down or stand up in addition to providing the desired traction.

Senior dogs with trouble walking and standing up on hard surfaces can benefit from getting a grip. Their dog paw will be protected, especially during the holiday season.

The KOOLTAIL dog socks come with a width of 2.8 inches, length of 6.7 inches, grip width of 2.5 inches, and detachable straps measuring 7.8 inches.

Plus, the tread material makes the socks waterproof by keeping the dog’s feet dry even when it walks on wet surfaces. It has straps that ensure that the socks do not fall off from the dog’s legs.

5. Remote Dog Training Collar

SportDOGYard dog collars feature three extraordinarily safe and efficient training modes (shock, vibration, and beep modes). The modes will enable you to teach your dog basic obedience commands and solve dogs’ uncontrollable behaviors.

With the remote dog training collar, you will not shock your dog accidentally due to misoperation. It has a security keypad lock that prevents the misoperation of the remote. Unlike other dog training collars, this collar supports a maximum of 3 days with only one remote transmitter.

If the dog lover who is receiving the gift has more than two dogs, this is the best gift you can offer. It is suitable for dogs with sizes ranging from 15lbs to 100lbs. The dog collars cover up to 330 yards and have a long-lasting and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

6. Automatic Pet Feeder or Treat Dispensing Device

Furbo Dog Camera has a full HD 1080p night vision and camera. Therefore, you can live stream videos to monitor your pet through your smartphone with a 160-degree wide view angle at any time of the day. It has a Furbo’s dog feeder barking sensor, which detects when the dog is barking.

The sensor can send push notifications to your smartphone once it detects that your dog is barking. As a result, you will know what is going on around home and talk with the dog to calm it down through the app. Treat dispensing devices are becoming more popular every year.

You can also toss a treat to the dogs through the Android or Furbo iOS app. One thing gifted dog lovers will enjoy is the straightforwardness of setting up this feeder. Just plug it into the power outlet, download the Furbo, and connect it to your WiFi; then you are ready to go.

7. Underground Dog Fence

SportDog In-Ground Fence System comes with an easy to install containment kit that includes everything required for over 1 acre of land for one dog. However, you can also expand it to cover up to 100 acres by using more flags and wire.

It comes with a waterproof collar that takes a standard 9V battery, which lasts 6 to 12 months. Through additional collars, you can contain myriad dogs. The collar provides vibration (buzz) and tone( beep) warning before moving to one of the four static stimulation levels.

Additionally, its anti-linger features hinder dogs from standing in the warning zone that can drain the collar battery. The fence transmitter has a wire break alarm, which will alert you of any potential issues within the boundary wire. Also, the transmitter has an in-built lightning protector.

8. Dog Harness

The RabbitGoo dog harness is designed with two metal leash rings for safer walks, making a great Christmas gift for dog lovers. Gifted pet lovers will enjoy using the chest attachment clip to stop the dog from pulling on during walks. It is also great accessory dog lovers will love if they want to walk their dogs during Christmas.

It is the best device to use for dog training or dogs, which tend to pull. The back attachment is the best for casual hiking, jogging, and walks. The harness is comfortable to put on and take off with its two fast-release buckles.

This adjustable dog harness has four easy adjusting straps around the body. It is possible to use two chest straps and 2-neck-straps in creating a perfect fit for the dog. It is made of durable nylon and padded with a soft cushion to protect the dog’s skin.

9. Water Bowls for Pets

The automatic water bowls ensure that your pets get a consistent supply of fresh drinking water. Noa Store Automatic Replenish Pet Waterer Dispenser has an extra-wide mouth bottle which is transparent so that you can easily check the water levels.

The automatic dispenser is small in size, making it easy to lift from one place to another. Its base is made of non-skid rubber feet so that you can place it securely onto the ground.

Most importantly, it is straightforward to clean since its base is removable, but you should only hand wash it. It will keep the water and food of your pets fresh.

These dog bowls make a great Christmas gift for busy pet lovers who have little time to attend to their furry friends.

10. Dog Brush

The dog grooming brush will let the dog owner leave behind the headache of removing up to 95 percent of dead hair in less than 10 minutes. Both dogs and their owners will be able to enjoy this gift.

You will only be required to comb the coat of your dog gently. It has an ergonomic handle, non-slip, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, comfortable snug fit, providing the user with great comfort without hand cramps.

Additionally, it is made of a 100mm stainless steel blade, which is rust-resistant and will effectively reach the undercoat. It has a quick-release button at its head so that you can efficiently and quickly remove the stainless-steel comb.

11. Dog DNA Test

To make an impact with your gift, the Embark Dog DNA test is the answer. Your friend is going to remember this gift for the rest of his life. He is going to find out the roots of his pet and then will learn more about his pet history.

12. GPS Tracker

Another way to make an impact when it comes to gifts for dog lovers is to give them a GPS tracker for their pets. It will provide them with great value by allowing them to know where their loved one is at all times.

This particular gift would come in handy for those who do not have dog fences in their backyard. Being able to find your farmers dog at all times just gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

13. Pet Car Seat Covers

Typically a car seat cover would be a great idea for those pet lovers that enjoy going on long trips. Just imaging having your dog on the back seat of your car! You would probably think that having a cover would not be a priority only after you noticed that you have to replace the entire upholstery the next day.

14. Dog Carriers

Small dogs like the Pomeranian or the Merle French Bulldog look really good inside a dog carrier. It is a super personal dog owner gift that can be very useful in many situations. Also, most girls that own a Pomeranian opt to purchase dog carriers.

I personally love the DJANGO Portable Dog Tote Bag because it is perfectly designed with style. By far, a pet carrier is the perfect holiday gift for dog owners that like to travel and carry their pet everywhere they go.

15. Dog Blankets

Out of all of our pet lover gift suggestions, this particular one is more like a personal gift. You won’t have to break your bank account buying dog blankets. As long as you can get a soft and cozy blanket that can be washed on regular machines, you should be good.

In a lot of places, Christmas comes with cooler weather. A warm blanket will be handy for both the pet and the pet’s owner. While the pet will appreciate the warmth and coziness, gifting the pet’s owner with a blanket that has a picture of his favorite furry friend is sure to generate a smile from the owner.

16. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are never considered a sexy choice, but something along those lines would be much appreciated by a pet owner of an animal that sheds incessantly. Don’t be afraid to give some special cleaning tools that could help make your pet owner’s life easier.

While pet owners love their pets, there are certainly some annoyances that come with pet ownership that could be made easier if they had the right tools. They can say bye to dog hair once they get a hand on a nice vacuum cleaner.

17. Dog T-shirts

Pet lovers either have to make time to do themselves or find the money to pay someone else to do it. This could be a thoughtful dog gift that is much appreciated by the pet owner and costs you little to no money.

You can also try to give the pet owner a custom pet paw print portrait. Anything with regards to custom dog print is a fantastic gift.

18. Wipe Your Paws Welcome Mat

An outside doormat would be another memorable gift for a pet lover. This type of gift would be suitable for dog owners who just moved into a new home.

Wipe your paws doormat will leave the lucky pet owner smiling upon receiving as a gift. It is a thoughtful gift for pet owners as it is easy to use.

19. Sterling Silver Pet Memorial

Every dog parent develops a unique relationship with their loved one. Another way to make an impact with a Christmas gift is to give a customized item. A sterling silver pet memorial meets that criteria, and it provides the pet owner with a sentimental item.

However, this particular pet product is for those pet parents who recently lost a closed friend and would like to have them close to their hearts.

20. Dog Mug

Pet lovers that like to drink coffee or hot tea would love this print dog gift. The pet paw print would remind them of their loved one when they take the mug to work.

It is an affordable dog gift for those who are on a low budget. When you are shopping for new Christmas gifts for pets, you are really shopping for their owners too, and that’s why a dog mug is a perfect gift.

21. Dog Bow Ties

Bow ties are really funny gifts because they can actually cause a reaction when others see dogs using them. They are a great dog owner gift, especially during the holiday season, because they can help create cute and memorable pictures.

22. Pet Bed

A dog bed is a fantastic gift for pet lovers. These beds need to be replaced periodically, so even if they own one, an extra dog bed would always be accepted by any dog parent.

Depending on the type of dog that you own, you would have to get a dog bed according to their size. We like this particular brand because it provides every pet lover with a good quality product.

23. Dogs Leash

A dog leash is just a classic gift for pet lovers. When it comes to dog leashes, there are a few options you can consider. Retractable leashes have become very popular due to their ease of use.

Other regular leashes occupy more space, and the pet owners have to find a way to store them without occupying lots of space. A dogs leash represents a daily use item that allows your pooch to go out an experience and adventure.

24. Custom Pet Portraits

Custom pet portraits are not one of our favorites, but they still managed to get on the list due to their popularity. As we know, every pet is a part of a family, and having a pet portrait is something that you see in most homes.

25. Outward Hound Dog Life Jackets

Now, this Outward Hound dog life jacket is a really cool Christmas gift. On our list, this is my favorite because I love going to the beach or to the lake. For pet parents like me, this is really a lifesaver for dogs.

Having this life jacket for my dog just gives me that peace of mind, knowing that my pooch is not going to be drawn on the sea. Out of all of the dog life jackets out there, the Outward Hound brand just nailed it with their product.

26. CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

If you know a buddy whos dog is going thru some joint pain or its suffering from the separation of anxiety, then CDB dog treats can be of help. This particular gift would serve them well, especially for those dogs that are scared of fireworks.

27. Subscription Box

Think about a subscription box as a gift as well. You can sign them up with a subscription so their pets will receive goodies on a monthly, recurring basis. Subscription boxes are just one of the best gifts for dog lovers period.

Other Ideas When Buying Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Every pet lover would be fascinated with the fact that he or she receives a gift for a loved one. Besides a common gift like a pet portrait, poop bag, or dogs toys, we recommend other fun gifts.

Don’t get me wrong; a custom dog portrait can also have a huge impact on your friend. However, car seat covers or an automatic pet feeder would make a better impact.

Christmas time is usually cold and chilly for many people and their pets. Both pets and pet lovers will be thankful for your thoughtful consideration to keep them warm. That is why a blank is a great Christmas gift.

Instead of something warm and cuddly, you can also go with a gag gift if the pet owner has an odd sense of humor.

Give the Gift of Dog Walking

If you don’t have much money to give a gift, that’s ok. Think about some services you could offer the pet owner. Things like dog walkers or dog shampoo are great gifts because they are chores that need to be done.

Be a little cautious about offering grooming services. If a pet owner has a dog that requires grooming, sometimes the dogs require special care and a grooming expert.


From a dog water bottle to dog carriers, we have covered lots of options for Christmas gifts. You can try getting customized dog socks or even a sterling silver pet memorial for a more personalized gift.

If you have cat lovers as friends or even a dog mom, you can consider buying for them pet items as gifts during the Christmas season. The above list gives you some of the best Christmas you can gist them.

These fun gifts are unique and will leave great memories for the person who is receiving them. Also, treat toys are becoming popular as well. You are now ready to choose from this best gifts for dog lovers list.

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