Maine Coon Personality Traits (Meaning & More)

The Maine Coon cat is the largest of all domesticated cat breeds. This distinct cat is long-haired, with a slightly shaggy and wild-looking coat that looks super unique. Their coat, combined with their amazing size, makes a dramatic first impression.

See one of these cats in real life, and most people are shocked! They’ve never seen a house cat of this size and stature and don’t believe it’s just a normal cat. Normal house cats are small, skinny things. A Maine Coon is huge and solid, with a wide chest and square shoulders.

They have thick limbs, a majestic mane on their neck and chest, and their tail is ultra bushy and fluffy. From nose to tail, Maine Coons measure approximately 3 – 4 feet in length, and the average male Maine Coon weighs in at approximately 18 – 25 pounds.

Are we talking about a cat or medium-sized dog here? The current world record holders for cat length and size are both Maine Coons, so this information is official!

Maine Coon Personality Traits

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What’s even bigger than a Maine Coon’s size? Their wonderful personality. It’s their personality that makes these cats beloved by owners across the world. The Maine Coon personality that sticks with you day after day, that makes you laugh and realize how special this cat breed is. It’s the personality that makes you wonder if you own a dog or cat. Let’s talk more about the Maine Coon’s personality.

(In this article, we are referring to purebred Maine Coons, like from a registered breeder and who have papers denoting their family tree. It’s exceedingly hard to tell cats that might be part of mixed Maine Coons without a genetic test because Maine Coons come in so many colors and coats.)

Calm and Laid-back Kitten

The Maine Coon’s looks belie their personality. People generally do not expect such a natural, wild-looking beast to be incredibly laid-back and calm. But it’s true; the Maine Coon is commonly referred to as a “Gentle Giant.” They are amenable to a wide array of living conditions and companions – humans or other animals.

It does not matter if you are single and living in the city or have children and dogs. A Maine Coon is a happy addition to your home. With these cats, their general disposition is upbeat and confident. They stroll into a room, tail curled upward, indicating they are in a good mood. They are surveying their territory, basically.

If something makes your Maine Coon uneasy or they don’t like something, they simply remove themselves from the room – no fuss and drama. Maine Coons take stress well, generally, and are not aggressive. Even in multiple cat families, I just can’t see the Maine Coon as the alpha. They also are not divas – locking them out of a room will not produce cries or meows. They will simply sit outside and wait for you to open it.

Maine Coons and Water

As a Maine Coon owner, you better keep your toilet seat cover down. Because unlike most regular cats, our special breed here is kind of infatuated with it! An open toilet is as good as an invitation to the local watering hole. They head down there to chill, drink, and catch up on the gossip.

Another place you’ll find Maine Coons is on countertops and sinks, in both kitchen and bathrooms. You wake up in the middle of the night, and you may catch your Maine Coon on a countertop, trying to work the faucet. In some instances, they will actually have figured it out! With a stream (or just drips) of water, these cats can entertain themselves for hours. They just stare into the stream or bat at it with their paws,

The next level of water love is the bathtub or shower. It’s never happened to me, but some owners have discovered their beloved buddies trying to hop into the shower or tub with them! I reiterate, please leave your bathroom door and toilet seat covers down.

The ultimate water activity is full-on swimming. Some Maine Coons do this too! Youtube videos abound of Maine Coons swimming or hanging out in tubs, as well as lakes and ponds with their owners.

Sociability and Outgoing Cat

Do you know how people joke that cats actually own us humans? That we are just their servants who give them food and water and clean up after them? That they just barely put up with us because we provide them an easy life?

If you own a cat, you certainly recognize some level of aloofness and independence in them. This element might even be the thing you prize in being a cat parent. And to be honest, Maine Coons display this too. A Maine Coon is a cat through and through!

But most of the time, a Maine Coon is a friendly, outgoing buddy that adores their human and whatever human adventures they get into. Let’s say you have guests or family that come over. A typical cat would pay them no mind or even retreat to their hideaway because this is a break from the routine. And we all know cats love routine and a predictable environment.

A Maine Coon cat will approach his new friends with a curious attitude and enjoy the head pats and attention for sure. This trusting nature of them has to be supervised, though. If I ever open the front door and there is a commotion outside, my Maine Coon will bolt outside to the hallway. She will then try to enter any neighbor’s open the door to make many friends.

A Maine Coon Cat Can Be Your Supervisor

Cats are curious, as that old adage says. And it extends to Maine Coons, too. But this breed takes it a bit further because of their intelligence and loyalty (which we will talk about later).

Whatever you are doing in the house, your Maine Coon will be there. Whether it’s a routine activity or something new and exciting, they will find a way to be a part of it. For instance, if I am changing a light bulb or working on something in the bathroom, my Maine Coon is always there “supervising” my work, She’ll be crouched down next to me or craning her head up toward the ceiling like I am.

If you work out, be aware of your surroundings and the sudden presence of your cat. It’s funny to be doing push-ups or planks, and your cat slinks right under you. But if you are lifting weights, or some more intense activity, watch out for your cat as you put weights down or perform some movement.

The next thing: boxes. Open any new box, whether a package from Amazon or an appliance and your Maine Coon appears as if by magic. If you buy anything for them, they just might enjoy the box and sit in it. All the while ignoring what you bought!

Last thing to mention is that you don’t even need to be doing anything exciting for a Maine Coon to follow you around. Oftentimes, when I am just walking around the house, my cat will tail me and appear in whatever room I am in a few minutes later. It’s not clingy, it’s just that Maine Coon personality, and it’s wonderful.

A Deadly Hunter Kitten

Maine Coons are deadly hunters. They are insanely good at catching bugs, pests, flies in mid-air, and any type of vermin or pest. Now we all know cats are good hunters and that they need to eat mainly meat for a healthy diet. But many breeds now, especially pampered purebreds, are so lazy. Not the Maine Coon.

Their hunting skill was basically the reason sailors bought them onto long ocean voyages. The ancestors of Maine Coons kept the ships free of rats and other pests. Then once they landed in the New World, Maine Coons kept up their hunting skills. Eventually, humans noticed them and took them indoors, into barns and houses, to rid them of their pests. The hunting skill was their golden ticket to a better life!

That is why if you own a Maine Coon, be prepared to invest time for daily play sessions that provide exercise and enriching mental stimulation. This is basically an essential desire, besides food and water, a clean litter box, love, and attention!

If you skip this, your pet will destroy your furnishings and carpet from boredom and pent up energy. And she probably won’t be as nice of a companion as I described above!

Affectionate Cat

The Maine Coon cat is a very affectionate animal. They do not hesitate to let you know that they need attention. Maine Coon cat breeds like to be around family to play and feel close to their loved ones.

Our female Maine Coon named Freckles loves us. No matter what time we get home, she would always want us to be around her. As years pass by, their behavior does not change. They constantly keep track of what we are doing on a consistent basis.

It is like a dog, Main Coons must know what we are doing because they have the tendency of wanting to help their pet owners with everything. So if you are looking to get an affectionate cat, the Main Coon personality traits if a great fit.

Friendly Kittens

Unlike other breeds, Maine coon cats are friendly to everyone, including children. Its kittens are too friendly, even in an aggressive environment. These cat breeds do not have a bad bone in their body despite their colossal size. They are naturally non-aggressive, friendly, and pleasant to everyone, including fellow pets. Now, if only they were only that relaxed about their own Maine Coon litter box!

Gentle With Pet Owners

Maine coon cat breeds possess an extremely gentle, laid back, and docile temperament. They don’t lash out at their owners nor children regardless of the circumstance. Main coons do not bite unless they are poked severely. It is due to this gentleness that gave rise to the name “gentle giant.” Maine coon cats quickly adapt to new environments and situations, for instance, pets or newborn babies.

Forgiving Kittens

Maine coons are very affectionate and don’t hold a grudge either to the owner or other animals but rather forgive. The cats are rare to slap the owner or avoid them. Even if you do something intimidating to this cat, it won’t avoid nor hit you. But instead, remain calm and friendly as usual, unlike other cat breeds. For instance, most cats become aggressive when visiting a vet or even bite, but despite the pain these cats undergo in the vet, Maine coon cats remain quiet and endure every pain in silence.

Gentle With Other Animals

Maine Coon licking funny friend cat with moustache

Besides being gentle to the whole family, Maine coon cats are friendly and non-aggressive to other animals. If you plan to introduce another pet or animal to your household, don’t worry about how this cat will treat the new cat. This is because Maine coon cats are social and friendly to any animal and quickly get on well with any animal.

One Great Pet Companion

When one thinks of looking for a companion for their pets, the first thing that comes into mind is a cat. However, choosing a Maine coon cat as a pet companion will be the best choice ever because these cats are naturally friendly to all creatures. This typical character makes these cats be great companions to fellow pets and other animals if well introduced to them.

Very Independent Cat Breeds

Maine coon cat breeds don’t like being subject to any other authority but rather like being independent. But as much as they are independent, Maine coon cats are happy to slide it and rely on their owner for subsistence. The amount of independence these cats exhibit often depends significantly on the kind of treatment it gets from the pet owner.

Main Coon Cats Love to Play

Regardless of their body sizes, this cat breed is energetic and loves to play much. They remain active and possess kitten-like traits, even in the adult stage. Due to their extended sizes, Maine coon cats require vigorous exercises to prevent obesity. Moreover, these cats love playing with water. They find fun while playing with a fountain or bowl of water while others can go and swim.

Male vs. Female Maine Coon Cats Personality Traits

When planning to buy a cat, you first need to identify the breed and then the gender. You should, however, choose a Maine coon cat gender based on the right reasons. According to sizes, male Maine coons are often larger than their female counterparts and therefore need a bit more space than the females.

As far as socializing is concerned, male Maines are more social and friendly than the female Maine Coon. That is why male coons are known to possess more prominent personality traits than female cats. Female Maine coons are a bit laid back and reserved as compared to the males.

Are Main Coon cats called Gentle Giants?

Yes, Maine coon cats are often called gentle giants because of their incredibly soft personality, contrary to their big bodies. These cats are called so because of its endearing gentleness, loyalty, obedience, and friendliness. Despite their adherence, these cats are never clingy. Maine coon cats have subtle manners and intelligence, a trait that makes them easily trainable cats of all breeds. This wonderful personality makes them great companions to other pets and human beings. They are flexible in that they can quickly learn tricks besides being the only water-loving breed.

Are Maine Coon cats cuddly?

Yes, Maine coon cats love cuddling. Cuddling is a central characteristic feature of a Maine coon cat. Moreover, these cats are so famous and popular because of this feature of cuddling. The cats are so amiable and often find it fun to cuddle. However, although these cats cuddle, they don’t like the issue of lap-sitting but rather show their affection differently.

Do Maine coons like to be held?

In most cases, Maine coon cats do not feel comfortable nor find it fun to be held because of their immense size. But in general, these cats love to be held, only that they feel uncomfortable. If these cats are introduced to cuddling and being held when they are kittens, they will learn it and enjoy it. Some of them even develop into quintessential lap cats.

Other Maine Coon Personality Traits

Maine coon cats are medium-sized cats, of which males are slightly larger than females. These cats have long and rectangular bodies with long tails. It is the best cat because it is muscular and heavily boned.

Despite their colossal body size plus history, Maine coon cats possess a sweet-tempered personality trait. These cats like their parents and can quickly adapt to any environment provided that she has an extra room for exercise.

Besides being an affectionate cat, it is a great companion because of all of their personality traits. Before buying a Maine Coon Cat, make sure you understand that it is a cat that demands time. Both the female and male Maine Coone always need to know what the family is doing to see how they can help.

The male Coone has a more active personality and demands to play more. Expect a dog-like behavior from these types of cats. As long as you understand their personality, these cats are a great breed to keep at home.

Why are they such water babies?

Well, Maine Coons originally hail from New England, which has long, harsh winters. Snow, ice, and rain – all elements Maine Coons had to deal with in their home. And it’s essentially why Maine Coons look the way they do, with their long, fluffy coat. It keeps them warm and keeps sensitive areas like the chest, neck, and belly protected. After such blistering conditions, a bit of water is no issue!

Maine Coon Personality Summary

If you wish to own a cat, Maine coon cats are absolutely the best cats to own. Their friendly and affectionate nature make them the favorite pet cat for many. They might look huge, but they are the best cats to keep. They are family-friendly and highly social and accommodating.

Now you know the personality traits of the Main Coon cats. Your family will enjoy this cat breed if you decide to bring one home. Many pet owners always express positive comments about their behavior and unique personality.

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