4 Affordable Cat Toys

Contrary to popular belief, cats and kittens are very playful. When they are not sleeping and eating (two activities that occupy most of their days), you will always see them chasing flies, bouncing around and grabbing virtually any object that they find interesting.

They have an instinctual urge to scratch, claw, and wrestle, and if you do not provide them with the necessary tools, they will not hesitate to target your objects. This includes carpets, furniture, clothes, cables and who knows what else.

4 Affordable Cat Toys

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Luckily for everybody involved, there are many toys on the market specifically designed for this purpose, which cover basically every possible need that a cat might have.

There are toys for clawing, toys that can be chewed for hours without breaking, and interactive puzzles that will keep your cat’s mind busy and stimulated. Here are four affordable cat toys that your furry friend will surely enjoy.

Go Cat Da Bird Feather Toy

While cheap rod and wand instruments are very easy to find at every convenience store, the Da Bird from Go Gat, is a few classes above your typical toys of this type. This particular variant has a toy that dangles at the end of the fiberglass rod, and with just a few wags and flicking moves, your cat will go absolutely berserk.

When the teaser inevitably runs out, the package comes with a varied selection of replacements that will keep your cat engaged and interested, such as tails, strands, and feathers. However, make sure to wave it in the sides of the cat, not in front of him, otherwise, he will get bored no matter how interesting the toy might be.

If you found this product interesting and want to see more cat toys reviewed, make sure to check out Toy Pet Reviews, one of the best websites dedicated to this subject.

Munchiecast Sushi Cat Toys

Admittedly, some people might not consider a $31 toy to be ‘’affordable’’, but it more than makes up for the hefty price tag. And in case you were wondering, no, this is not actually a $31 piece of sushi – this is a series of sushi-scented plush toys.

The set features eight pieces of well-designed plush sushi rolls which are hand-sewn with great care – a fact which probably explains the higher than average price. If your cat does not like them, worst comes to worst, they would make for great decorative pieces.

Apart from being sushi-scented, each single plush piece is filled either with tiny bells which will entertain your cat, or catnip, which will also entertain your feline friend, only on a totally different level. Furthermore, the bells are not excessively loud, so you will not have to worry about losing sleep while your cat is playing with the sushi pieces.

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toy

If you have ever owned a cat, you probably know how much they love catnip. If yours is in this category (and which cat is not?), then it is probably high time you stock up on these special toys from SmartyKat.

These are basically small, playful mice that are filled with catnip. These plush, soft mice will make your cat go absolutely crazy and will keep him occupied for many hours while you go do your business.

Many users have commented that even the most pretentious of cats have found these mice highly entertaining. So, if you have a particularly grumpy cat that does not like to play with any toy, maybe these critters from SmartyKat will do the trick for your beloved pet.

Pawaboo Electronic Cat Toy

If you want to reward your cat with something truly special, consider getting this electronic toy from Pawaboo. This one features a sturdy and resistant battery-powered mouse that will bounce and take sharp angles, encouraging your cat to chase and hunt it.

Your feline friend will find this toy especially amusing and as soon as you get it, the days when your cat was sitting idly by the window, watching the birds outside, will be a thing of the past.

On top of all that, unlike other toys of this type, the internal motor is unusually quiet (and we all know how much cats hate loud noises). The main drawback of this products is its relatively low battery life, so if you plan to buy it, make sure to stock up on several spare ones.


Cats are more playful and friendly than people get them credit for. But as grumpy and distant as they might sometimes be, that does not mean we should leave them to their own devices.

If you are looking to expand your toy cat collection without dropping too much money, the four products that we have highlighted throughout this article might be up your alley. They are safe, well designed and, not to mention, entirely affordable.

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