Can Dogs Eat Honey Nut Cheerios? Do you want to find out?

Humans have lived off cheerios for some time now. Most of the dog owners like feeding our dogs with foods off the dinner tables to show love and affection.  What about Cheerios, can dogs eat honey nut cheerios?

Most human foods can either be safe or unhealthy for dogs. Which category does honey nut cheerios fall into? Well, let us find out so that you can make the right choice when your dog persists on tasting what you are eating.

So, Can Dogs Eat Honey Nut Cheerios?

Can Dogs Eat Honey Nut Cheerios
YES! Your dog can eat honey nut cheerios. In fact, this is the recommended flavor of cheerios for your canine friend. This original flavor tends to have some health benefits for your dog due to the presence of honey in it.

The safety of cheerios for your dog depends on the type of flavor that you are having. There are lots of these around. There are yogurt flavors, fruit flavored, chocolate sweetened and lots of others. The specific flavor affects the impact it will have on your canine friend.

For better health care, you are advised to feed your dog on the plainest possible version. Nutrients available should be as minimal as possible.

Are There Any Nutritional Benefits That Your Dog Would Get?

Not really. Cereals can be of great benefit to your heart, but the same does not necessarily apply to your dog. We humans and canines have very different nutritional needs that do not converge at any point.

Cereals are always laced with some minerals and vitamins, but these are of very minimal effect on your dog. The low calories present in cheerios makes them a good meal for controlling weight in dogs. The flavor in it makes your dog feel like he is eating the best treat from you.

The topic is specific on honey nut cheerios. Can dogs eat honey nut cheerios? Yes, they can. This option is quite an interesting one. Honey nut cheerios are recommended for dogs from some quarters. Research shows that honey is beneficial for your pooch’s immune system and maintains the healthy weight of your dog.

The only drawback is the sugar level in the honey. When care is not taken, the benefits your dog would derive from honey nut cheerios could be outweighed by the drawbacks. Dogs do not digest sugars very well. The more the sugars accumulate in their body, the more obese and overweight your dog could become. Dental issues could arise as well.

Precautions When Feeding Honey Nut Cheerios to Dogs

Now that the ‘can dogs eat honey nut cheerios’ question has been answered, it is important to consider some issues before setting out to feed your dog on cheerios. Some of us after learning that dogs can safely eat cheerios will try to avail these at an opportune moment during breakfast and as a treat.

#1. Too much of honey nut cheerios is harmful to your friend’s health. The too high sugar levels will not be handled by the dog. This becomes calamitous when your dog has overweight problems. Giving a bowl of cereal to your dog is just reckless no matter how well your pup may like it.

#2. Honey nut cheerios should not replace your dog’s meals. Your dog is a canine for heaven’s sake. The sweet honey taste will be appealing to your dog, but you should be the decision maker here. If she sucks up fallen cheerios, then it is okay. The beneficial nutrients that your dog derives from cheerios are also minimal and can sometimes be inconsequential. Provide high-quality dog food to the pup, and she will be just fine.

#3. Removed. These are harmful to your dog. They are detrimental to the gut health of your dog and may even cause death in extreme cases.

Other Flavors of Cheerios Your Dog Can Eat

Besides honey nut cheerios, these are other flavors your dog can safely eat.

  • Banana nut cheerios, but only in controlled amounts
  • Apple cinnamon cheerios. Ensure the seeds and pits of the apples are not present. Also, avoid excessive cinnamon.

Flavors to avoid

  • Chocolate Cheerios: You should never let your dog come near or have a sniff at chocolate unless you want to send the adorable creature to the grave.
  • Whole grain/multigrain cheerios: Not by any chance.

Choose wisely for your dog

Can dogs eat honey nut cheerios? Absolutely YES. Cheerios help in keeping the dog’s weight in check to some level. When laced with honey, the benefits are improved, though in limited amounts due to its high sugar content.

Besides honey nut cheerios, your dog should only eat a limited number of flavors. The plain cheerios being the most recommended for your feline friend. Always remember that cheerios are just fillers and should just be given as treats on occasion.

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