Cat Food High in Fiber for the Healthiest Cat

Cat Food High in Fiber

Fiber is a very important nutrient to a cat. You are advised to feed cats plenty of proteins, fibers while other nutrients should be provided as well. The cat’s body might be able to generate some of these nutrients on its own. There are however some that have to be ingested. That is why your cat needs a regular supply of cat food high in fiber. This article will help you find that particular food for your cat.

Reasons for High Fiber Cat Food

For your cat to be completely healthy, a meal of meat alone will not guarantee you that. She might look and behave normally, but ones in a while she might develop some issues such as constipation, diarrhea, stomach upset and so on. Cat food high in fiber will be able to prevent any of these health concerns from troubling your cat.

  • Eases constipation: Fiber has been identified as a very good relief for a cat experiencing constipation. A dietary canned cat food high in fiber will be able to get things moving in no time.
  • Weight loss: Fiber has been known to trick cats into a sense of fullness when taken. Fiber increases the bulkiness of the consumed food, hence the cat feeds on fewer This cuts down on the weight gain.
  • Diabetes management: Although it is not the recommended diet for a cat with diabetes, if your cat cannot eat the preferred diet of proteins, then you can have a go at this. Fiber slows down the rate of glucose and fats absorption; the cat then does not experience glycemic high glucose levels.
  • Digestive tract health: Fiber has a cleaning effect on the cat’s digestive tract. It combats bacteria and any harmful strains. Fiber also increases bulk and water content in the intestines to hasten food flow or slow it down, depending on how the system needs the food flow.

Cat Food High in Fiber

1. Purina ONE Premium Cat Food

Purina ONE Premium Cat Food

This cat food provides a needed specific nutritional purpose for your cat’s whole-body health. This line of cat foods also has something for your outdoor cat. You simply have to go through the available options and decide on which could be well suited for your cat.

This cat food contains a natural blend of fibers to ease your cat’s digestive issues. It contains Brewer’s rice which is a good fiber source. Fiber is scientifically proven to relieve constipation problems by increasing the moisture content of the stool. This, therefore, makes it easier for the cat to pass poop.

In the case of diarrhea, fiber behaves in contrast to how it does during constipation. Fiber responds by absorbing moisture in the cat’s body and then forms a gel. This slows down food digestion and also adds more bulk to the excreta.

This cat food also delivers good amounts of proteins from its top ingredients of Salmon, Turkey, and Tuna. Real animal proteins are the best nutrient your cat needs for strong muscles. A strong cat is a joy to have around. All the running, jumping and climbing is really fun.

2. NUTRO MAX Dry Cat Food

NUTRO MAX Dry Cat Food

This dry cat food high in fiber is made from selected ingredients for optimum cat wellness and health. This is specially formulated for indoor cats that do not have the luxury of getting all the nutrients they may need from kills and prey.

Oat fiber, tomato pomace, and rice are some of the ingredients included in this recipe. They form an excellent source of fiber for the healthiest cat in town. These fibers help in the management of swallowed hairballs. They are passed gently along the digestive tract of the cat and out into the litter box.

Besides fiber, your cat also gets a good dosage of other essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins (of course), omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. These ingredients are all natural and easily digestible. Roasted chicken or salmon form the number 1 sources of proteins.

3. Hill’s Science Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Dry Cat Food

This hairball control food is rich in fiber. Indoors cats are normally susceptible to this hairball problem as they are frequently groomed. The blend of natural fibers comfortably removes these hairs from your cat’s digestive tract. It does this by increasing the water content of the system, hence better flow of digested stuff.

This food provides your cat with a balanced and complete nutrition consisting of real chicken as the lead ingredient. There are also omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E for a luxurious cat coat, a blend of antioxidants provides a healthy immune system in your cat. For those who love varieties, options are available depending on what your cat baby feels comfortable with.

Downsides of feeding too much fiber to your cat

It is not always a safe haven feeding your cat on fibers. The cat would enjoy its benefits only up to a certain level. You should, therefore, practice moderation when it comes to high fiber cat foods. These are some of the potential downsides

  • Too much weight loss: Fibers are just fillers to give the cat a false sense of satiety. When the cat consumes too much of it regularly, she will begin to lose too much weight and become thin. The cat would also not get enough of the nutrients that they should get.
  • Gas: Most fibers are indigestible and just help move things along in the digestive tract. Fibers are also fermentable and produce gases in the process. Keep the intake to a minimum so that your room doesn’t fill with a foul

Is there room for any alternative?

There will always be those special moments when you want to give your cat something different from her usual cat food. It could be a treat or just a deviation from the norms. 100% canned pumpkin is a very good fiber source and a treat as well.

Pure pumpkin added to the cat food or given directly will be loved by your Kitty. About a teaspoon will be enough. A constant supply of clean drinking water after meals keeps constipation at bay.

Boost your cat’s immunity

Cat food high in fiber is a necessity for any cat. Fibers ease constipation in cats; provide a better management of swallowed hairballs and weight as well as providing a relief for a diabetic cat.  If your cat is fed on such diets regularly, there are very many health complications that will be kept at bay.

These foods may not be appealing to Kitty’s taste buds, but she has to take them for an all-around health and a lustrous coat.

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