Can Dogs Eat Weetabix? The Surprising Truth Is Out!

Can Dogs Eat Weetabix

When it comes to caring for your dog, you must make sure to feed him right. This will ensure that your furry friend stays healthy and active for a long time. But have you ever wondered about feeding them human food, like Weetabix? It may have had you ask yourself: ” Can dogs eat Weetabix ?”

Whether you have extra Weetabix on your plate or merely want to give him a treat, find out if this food is healthy for your dog to eat.

So, Can Dogs Eat Weetabix?

Can dogs eat Weetabix ? The short answer here is NO. Why? Here are three things to know about this breakfast cereal:

Too Many Calories and Sugar

Weetabix isn’t as high in calories compared to other breakfast cereals. BUT, one serving contains 160 calories filled with sugar. That’s a lot of calories a dog could have gotten from quality dog food with protein. Even worse for small dogs, who only need as little as 500 calories a day. Feeding your dog too many Weetabix biscuits may cause him to go over his calories, resulting in obesity.

Less Protein

Dogs need diets that are high in protein, and Weetabix is not a good source of protein but in carbs and fiber. A puppy should have 22-28% of the protein in their diet, while adult dogs should get 10-18% of it.

Other Allergic Reactions

Some Weetabix variants contain chocolate chips, which is a massive no-no for dogs! Also, Weetabix may contain wheat, which is a common type of food that causes allergies in dogs.

With that being said, Weetabix won’t create fatal effects when feeding to your dog, but that depends on the amount you give. A little bit is okay (accidentally or as a treat), but feeding him a whole serving of it every day (or even replacing his food with the cereal) will affect your dog’s digestive system negatively.

Can Dogs Eat Weetabix With Milk?

But what about if it were mixed with dairy products? Can dogs eat Weetabix with milk? Just like eating Weetabix alone, it’s a no! Puppies and dogs may have trouble digesting the milk, which can cause acute intestinal distress.

With that being said, some dogs may have no issues with taking in milk and other foods. But as much as possible, I would recommend that you keep feeding your dog his food. Avoid feeding him human food or anything outside his meal plan to prevent any allergic reactions.

Wrapping It Up

While dog owners may feel tempted to feed their furry friends human food, it’s best to let them stick to their meal plan to avoid any adverse reactions to it. Not only will this help maintain their weight, but prevent any sicknesses as well. So NO, I would not recommend you to feed your dogs Weetabix. Maybe a little (by accident!) is fine, but avoid feeding them any human food every day.

I hope that this article answered your question: ” Can dogs eat Weetabix ?” Now that you know the answer start feeding your dog the proper food he needs today.

Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences with feeding dogs Weetabix? Then do let me know your comments below. All thoughts are much appreciated.

Last Updated on 01/08/2023 by Karen Snow