Consider This When Choosing Your Sifting Cat Litter Boxes

You know how they say that cats are graceful little creatures, sometimes picky about their choices and always in control. If you are a cat mommy or daddy, you more than understand these ideas because you relate to them every day. Now, there is this aspect people do not necessarily want to talk about, but it’s a must for your cat’s health and your serenity – litter boxes. Keep reading to find out key thing for choosing your sifting cat litter boxes.

Not that cute of a topic, I know. But I am here to clear things and shed some light on this grey matter by introducing a life-savior: sifting litter boxes. These will help both you and your kitty.

Take a good look at the sifter’s design

Now the keyword of this article is sifter. You might be fed up with having to manually take out all the cat’s feces, and I believe you. No matter how much you truly love your cat, this is not an activity one looks forward to. This is exactly why I am presenting you with the idea of a sifting litter box.

This special type of box has a sifter included, which makes cleaning so much easier. This allows you to just lift the top layer with small holes and throw away the poop and clutter. It’s that easy! Then you put it back on as if nothing ever happened!

Now, you should know that there is more than one type of sifter design available on the market. There are those already mentioned, which work by simply lifting the top layer, and there are those which must be turned upside down to separate the waste from the clean litter. Because they are both effective and clean, this is a subjective choice, depending only on your personal preference. If you were to ask me, I would go with the first variant anytime.

What box structure should you pick? 

Lovely cat on beautiful litter boxSo, there’s the sifter’s design, and there’s the box structure. These are two extremely very different things. When it comes to the box structure, you can go for covered or uncovered ones. Now let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of both models. 

Going for covered boxes will help better mask the odors and even the functionality of the box. If you have someone over, they might not even know that you have a litter box in your kitchen. At the same time, if you pick covered boxes, make sure that you change the litter more often and always give your kitty fresh air.

Are you more traditional? You will probably go for the uncovered version. This might even help your cat, as it is easier to just sit rather than squeezing yourself in a covered box. This is true especially if we are talking about sick or old cats, which have mobility difficulties.

Do not forget about the size

Cats love boxes. If it fits, it sits, remembers? But if we are talking about litter boxes, the kitty must more than fit, and it must be comfortable with being inside the box – this if we are talking about the covered version.

The same goes for uncovered versions – take notice of the size, especially if you are buying the box when the cat is little. It will grow up in time, so if you do not want to have to change the litter box every year, pick one big enough for an adult cat. Is it hard for you to decide? You can click here for a list of boxes!

There is something else you should consider that goes hand in hand with box size, and that is box number. The golden rule is that you should have as many boxes as you have cats plus one. So, if you have four cats, five would be the ideal number of litter boxes to have around the house.

Should you get one with built-in odors?

This idea is debatable. On the one hand, odors are great because they get to mask the smell. You will appreciate it and so will your guests. You do not want to be embarrassed by your cat every time someone comes around.

On the other hand, specialists say that some cats do not tolerate odors very well. So, pay attention to what scent you pick and carefully analyze your cat’s reaction to this choice. If you see that your cat avoids going inside the little box, consider renouncing the idea of scented versions.

The chemical odors might make your cat feel uncomfortable and even sick, and you definitely do not want that. Always pick your cat’s health above anything else!

The color and design of the perfect sifting litter box

Brand new box for a catSure, functionality is something we can talk about objectively and create lists of pros and cons. But when it comes to picking the design of the litter box, it’s on you. Some people might prefer those with rounded edges. Others will go for square boxes just because it’s their favorite shape. This varies so much, depending on personal preference. 

Color is even harder to decide upon. How do you know if you should pick a neutral color like black, white, or grey or go for bright colors like yellow, red, or light green? It’s all up to you and your personality. While introverts might decide on darker colors, extroverts usually choose brighter colors to match their personality. 

What you should definitely take into consideration is your home decor and the predominant color of the room in which you want to put the litter box. Walls, curtains, carpets, and furniture colors are great indicators of what shade to go with. 

What is the best place for your cat’s litter box?

Once you picked the perfect litter box and brought it home, it’s time for you to find the perfect spot for it. Where will you put it? In the living room, kitchen, hallway, or bathroom? Whatever room you choose, make sure the door is always open so the cat can come and go as pleases. 

If you are a creative person, another option would be to cut a tiny cat’s hole in the door. In this way, you will not have to worry about locking your cat in the bathroom by mistake. You can read some ideas about litter boxes in this article. 

 Wrapping It Up

What I advise you not to do is place your cat’s litter box in the basement. I mean, you can try it for a couple of days, but I think it’s pretty far away, and the cat might choose not to go all that way to get to its box. Pick a safe space, so your kitty feels comfortable with its sifting litter box! 

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