Tips on How to Build Muscle on a Pitbull Puppy

How to Build Muscle on a Pitbull Puppy

The intimidating muscled and stocky look of violence is what appeals to most of us who own Pitbulls. The looks make them adorable and feared in equal measure. You might have come across a well-built Pitbull in your neighborhood and are now wondering how to build muscle on a Pitbull puppy.

Just hold your horse for a second. This article will outline for you all the things you need to do to make your dreams a reality.

How to build muscle on a Pitbull puppy

Just as we humans love it when we are ripped up in muscles, reciprocating the same in our dogs would make you and your dog the envy of most dog owners. Imagine folks turning around to have another look at your buddy. How great does that feel?

This does not happen overnight though. You have to start the process as soon as you bring your puppy home. Muscle does not grow overnight. It takes effort, patience, and general dog care awareness.

When dealing with a puppy, it is worth noting that he is still just a puppy. How rigorous the exercise you might try to put him through to develop the muscles should be reasonable. No one in their right minds takes their 2-year-old son to the gym so as to stack muscles.

These simple tips on how to build muscle on a Pitbull puppy could help you bring the best out of your strong dog once he is all grown up.

A good puppy diet is essential

The first thing that could hinder the development of strong muscles in your puppy is what you feed him at this stage of his life. Poor quality food has never aided in any muscle development. In fact, about 80% of the muscle in human beings is contributed to by what we eat.

A diet consisting of high-quality premium protein is a nice way to start the process. A protein rich diet will accelerate the rate of muscle building and the creation of that ripping dog look. Corn-based foods, animal byproducts and meats whose origin you do not know should never find their way into your pup’s meal.

This is because they have very little nutritional value or no nutritional value at all to the pitbull puppy.

Daily light exercises

Exercises and muscle development often go hand in hand. If you keep your puppy well fed on the highest quality puppy food money can buy, and you ignore exercising him, all your efforts will be futile. Instead of more muscles, the puppy will be adding more fat into his system.

The amount of exercises you subject the puppy to is vital. In your unwavering quest to have a well masculine dog pit bull, do not overwork the puppy. You might not have a dog at all in future. Daily morning or evening walks should be maintained.

No weight pulling exercises though should be used. You can introduce these exercises once the puppy is all grown up. Weight vests for puppies might be another good idea. That is if you can find any. A treadmill might seem too much at such a tender age and should be avoided.

Patience is key

Are you feeding your pup on the right foods? check. Daily walks? Check. But there are still no muscles to show for your efforts? Do not panic. Continue taking good care of your puppy as always. No waiver in your quest. With time, the signs will all start to show.

Do not lose hope in Pups, no matter how stubborn he may be.

Rest is good

Find a day or two away from all the muscle building and just relax with your puppy. They need it at this age. Play games, cuddle and give him some attention. Your bonding sessions will be good for his socialization skills and mannerism.

What not to do

  • Do not over-exercise the puppy.
  • Avoid food supplements as much as possible.
  • Do not keep your puppy to yourself

Make your pitbull proud of himself in the future

Learning how to build muscle on a Pitbull puppy can be an exciting and frustrating affair. The growling, the drowsiness, and the general stubbornness might be too much to handle, but once you establish who is in charge, all will be smooth.

Muscle building in puppies is discouraged in some quarters, though when done right, the results are exemplary.

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