Why Do Dogs Chew Toys On You? A Pets Behavior

In a way, many pet owners don’t understand that the alpha is the leader of a dog’s pack. Owners are generally seen as the alpha (the pack leader) by most dogs when they are trained properly.

Many dogs are more pack animals than others, but the instinct to be submissive is there in all breeds. Dogs are ideal companions for humans. They are best known for their loyalty and chewing habits.

Dogs of all ages, genders, and breeds love gnawing on stuff. It is a natural tendency that is also beneficial for them. But why do dogs chew toys on you?

Your dog knows that your body is trustworthy, and she will keep her toy and herself safe by chewing on you. Even while she’s sitting in your lap or propping her toy on your leg, she’s leaning upon you.

This is also why your dog offers you her chew toy when she chews on it since both of you find enjoyment in the process. Dogs love chewing and playing with different textures and shapes. It helps to keep their teeth clean and also provides essential mental stimulation.

Why Does A Dog Chew Toys On You?

When a dog plays with its favorite toy on its owner’s lap is probably because she wants to feel safe and content. It also means that your dog trusts you completely.

Moreover, it’s a way of showing affection. Every dog has its own way to show how much it loves its owner, and this is one way your furry friend expresses her love for you.

It’s a huge compliment and shows you a lot about how they regard you if your dog jumps in your lap and starts chewing on their toys. Sometimes they can start chewing bones close to your legs and feet and almost biting you by accident.

This kind of behavior means their literally looking to grab your attention. They’re attempting to communicate with you by asking if they can play and have fun.

Plus, animals like to play or lay with something that smells like their owner. It makes them feel relaxed and happy as if they were back with their mother or pack. It is simply a sign of trust.

What To Do If A Dog Chews Toys On You?

If you enjoy it when dogs chew and bite on your toys, let them do it or encourage them to keep doing so. Grab their bone or toy and start playing with them.

Dogs love it when their owners join in on the fun. Find a way to give them positive reinforcement. You can do this by giving them a treat or food once they start chewing on their toy in your lap.

However, if this is not your thing, then you need to put a stop to it or just ignore them completely. Also, if your dog loves to sit on your lap, you can simply stand up and move away.

Try to give them a different toy to play with that is not on your body. If you do this often, they eventually will learn not to sit on you next time they decide to look for a toy to chew.

5 Key Benefits of Getting a Chew Toy for Your Dog

Puppy chewing sticks on the park

Dogs benefit from chew toys, but you can’t give them any random toy. Suppose you are a parent to a golden retriever puppy. You might notice that this breed is a heavy and aggressive chewer.

Hence, any standard stuffed toy will not last long, and you might have to deal with the same problems again. Therefore, getting the best chew toy for a golden retriever puppy is preferable. Find one that is indestructible and lasts longer.

Buying a chew toy based on your pet’s breed is essential. So, get one for your furry friend and reap the following advantages:

Ensures Good Dental Health

Your canine’s habit of nibbling is good for its oral health. The act of chewing exercises and strengthens the jaw muscle. It scrapes tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth, making them smoother and keeping periodontal diseases at bay. If your pup is teething, chewing on a toy soothes discomfort.

Chewing promotes the secretion of anti-bacterial saliva that cleans your dog’s mouth and improves its breath. Brush your dog’s teeth with soft bristles and provide them with a nutritious chew toy to maintain their dental health.

Eases Mental Stress and Anxiety

Chewing is a pleasurable and soothing exercise for dogs. Dogs benefit from chewing in the same way that humans benefit from meditation and yoga. If your small dog is fearful of fireworks or experiences separation anxiety, give him or her chewing toys to help ease the mental stress. Otherwise, it will wreak havoc in your home by munching on everything to calm the nerves.

Provides Mental Stimulation

You exercise your four-legged friend by taking it for a walk or playing with it. But how do you nurture its mind? Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise for your dog, and you should buy chewing toys for that. When it comes to chewing, your dog will use all of its brain capacity and pay close attention, stimulating different parts of its brain.

Signals of Possible Health Problems

Chewing is a normal behavior in pets, especially in dogs. So, if your dog abruptly or gradually gives it up, there might be underlying health concerns. Dogs, like humans, are unable to communicate. Yet we may interpret things from variations in their fundamental nature. If you see your dog refusing treats or dog toys, take it to the vet right away to rule out any health concerns.

Keeps Your Dog Busy

Do you like to spend all of your time indoors? So, how do you expect your baby dog to act? It gets boring and may begin tearing your plush pillows, devouring expensive shoes, digging through waste bins, and exhibiting other destructive behavior. Give your dog different chewing toys to prevent such behavior and keep it engaged.

That’s how chew toys benefit your dog. So, get one for your dog. But keep the following factors in mind before you do. Here are some important tips you can follow to keep your dog safe, according to the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine.

Tips When Your Dog Chew Toys Consistently

Eating, biting, and playing with sticks and toys are part of a dog’s nature. It is their way of exploring the world and exercising their jaws. Dogs like to do this in their crate, or they lay close to your to feel protected.

As a pet owner, you will want to create a safe environment and encourage healthy habits. Providing your dog with the best chew toys will do just that! It is important to get your dog a toy that is the right one for her to play with.

You’ll also have to make sure they visit their veterinarian for regular checkups, as well as provide them with the right food to eat. Try not to get angry if your pet eats the stuffing out of their chew toy.

Don’t forget that your pet will always protect you in all situations, even when you are sleeping with your favorite blanket or distracted on the computer. They are always on the watch for you. Hope this helps.

Last Updated on 24/08/2022 by Karen Snow